Yarn Appreciation


So I don’t have any FOs to show you this week, nor any impressive progress on my many WIPs. But what I can show you is physical evidence of my lack of self control.

GraffitiOverlay2 GraffitiOverlay3

To be honest, I did have a pretty though week at work. My mind did not have the patience to do some actual knitting, but I thought I deserved a little shopping therapy to cheer myself up. And no kind of shopping cheers me up as much as yarn shopping. The skein in those first pictures there is sock yarn from Spun Right Round and it is just breathtakingly beautiful! Those spots of colours are so intense. I really have a hard time deciding what kind of sock pattern I’ll use this for though. I don’t want to do a plain stockinette sock but the pattern should be simple enough to make the yarn pop. Or maybe the yarn wants to be a hat, so it can be shown off more often?


And then there’s this pretty skein of Eden Cottage Yarn Tempo 4ply in the colour Copper Bucket. I wanted a sock yarn in an autumnal colour for some nice lace socks. I’ve admired ECY yarns and the beautiful colours for a long time, and now there’s finally a store in the Netherlands that sells it. So no more excuses and it was time to try out this yarn.

malabrigo malabrigo2

And I couldn’t just leave it at that could I? Yes my bank account is pretty empty right now, but I did need a lot of cheering up. So this is some lovely Malabrigo sock yarn in the colour Primavera. I’m planning to turn this into a nice pair of fingerless mitts and maybe a headband if I have leftovers.


And then some more Malabrigo, this time Silky Merino to make myself a hat! Because hat weather has arrived and I haven’t made a hat yet (disgraceful!).

So that’s what I’ve been up to! Looking at all those lovely colours, the occasional squish. I’m considering putting an emergency skein of yarn into my desk drawer at work, just to have a relaxing squish when things get stressful.

Do you ever indulge in yarn shopping to cheer yourself up?

17 thoughts on “Yarn Appreciation

  1. Beautiful choices! I buy yarn as I treat for myself all the time, especially when I overcome a hurdle at work. I am really in love with that graffiti type yarn. I bought some myself and love watching it work up. I can’t wait to see what you make with all these beautiful skeins.

  2. Your photography is stunning! (As is your subject matter. 🙂 ) I love that Malabrigo sock yarn especially – it’s slightly subtle, but really rich and luscious. Enjoy knitting all of these beauties, though.
    (And I hope you have a much better week at work this coming week.)

  3. I’m not sure I would trust someone who could resist such pretty yarns, personally. Especially that copper yarn, it’s gorgeous!

  4. Those are some beautiful skeins of yarn. I particularly the first one. I just bought some Malabrigo to make a hat. Just made a Kernmantle as a gift and it suited me, so I had splurge for some yarn to make myself one!

  5. fiber therapy at its finest!!! that coppery color i think is my favorite — wait, maybe the malibrigo is my favorite….???? oh, gosh….all great choices. (I see why you have to buy them all!)

  6. So I have some graffetti type yarn too and have been looking forma pattern…I think that one is perfect! I used to write to a penpal in the Netherlands for years…we’ve since lost touch….

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