Spoiled Rotten

StashDec December usually sees me spoiled rotten, with my birthday on the 1st, Sinterklaas on the 5th and ending the month with Christmas. It’s no secret that I love being gifted yarnie goodies, so needless to say my stash has been well fed in the past month.

Actually all of these are yarns I’ve never used before. I’m pretty excited about the colourful Snail Yarn skeins. If you’re not familiar with this brand yet, these pieces of art (I really think they are) are dyed up by Valentina in Italy. I’ve got nothing but love for these two skeins so far, they’re a pleasure to view and squish. I’m pretty sure I’ll make them into two lovely pairs of socks. The colourways are called Wildflowers and Hidden in Merino Twist sock.


The soft green skein is actually dyed in the Netherlands (Wol met Verve). I love the subtle colour of this. I tend to go for dark green usually, so this is a nice change of my usual palette (yes I know, it’s still green..). The colourway is called Salvia.


I’ve been so eager to try my hand at Hedgehog Fibres yarn. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like I see these yarns pop up all the time on my instagram feed, and gosh darnit I don’t think they are capable of dyeing ugly skeins, they just all look good. I liked this combination a lot and even have a particular shawl pattern in mind for them. The colourways are Seed and Canal House (a custom colourway for Stephen + Penelope in Amsterdam) in Hedgehog Fibres Sock .

HedgehogFibres4 HedgehogFibres3

Last but not least, by far the darkest yarn I have ever owned. It’s about time I tried my hand at Wollmeise, and I wanted some yarn specifically to knit the Cicely sweater from the latest issue of Pom Pom Magazine. I do think I will like this sweater a lot in this dark colour, and don’t be deceived by the pictures, it’s not fully black. The colour is called ‘heavy metal’ which is an accurate description of the very dark grey. The yarn is Wollmeise Pure.

Wollmeise2 Have you been spoiled in the yarn department this month? Hoping everyone had wonderful Christmas! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Spoiled Rotten

  1. I spoil myself….my husband will buy me yarn, and he has very good taste, but I tend to buy most on my own…I recently did two blog posts on the skeins I have acquired this past month

  2. I approve of your sweater choice. It will look great in the dark grey.

    I think most of us knitters got spoiled, one way or another, me included!

  3. Oh my goodness, look at all those lovelies! Sounds like you have great plans for them, I’m excited to see your progress 🙂 Snail Yarns is new to me, but I’m definitely going to have to mosey over to her shop, because those skeins are fantastic!

  4. Oh my, such gorgeousness! I especially like the paler Hedgehog Fibres hank. Everything looks lovely to work with so I look forward to your using them for future projects. Enjoy!

  5. Ooh, they look great. I get what you’re saying about Hedgehog Fibers. I’m certain it has something to do with Stephen’s contagious enthusiasm, but it keeps popping up everywhere! (And now you’re adding to the pile! 😉 ) I’m very curious about the yarn, and I think Merlot suits it well.

  6. Oh my! You are just being cruel 🙂 Your photos are so beautiful they make me want to reach through the screen and touch these beauties!! The dark shade is my favorite – such a gorgeous color! Enjoy your treasure! I am sure you will turn them into something absolutely exquisite!

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