Knitting confessions

This post is a link up which was initiated by Brandy from the blog Stitched up in Toronto. As she so well described this idea:

Like most things in the world, knitting has a set of rules and conventions. Sometimes, we knitters break them. This is my knitting confession.

I can already reveal that there are more than a few knitting conventions that I tend to break, but let’s start with one I am annoying myself the most with.

I am a lazy pattern reader 

Phew, there I said it! A good knitter would probably happily receive their newly purchased pattern and first have a good read through, thinking ahead of things that might come. My style in general is that I skim through most of it, arrogantly thinking that there will be no surprises for my surely superb knitting skills, only to later on freak out because ‘this is not what I was expecting!!’.


Also I will tend to read repeats only once, after that relying on my memory and finding out after a couple of repeats that it is not really looking like the picture in the pattern. One example being these Storm socks, where I had only lazily read the pattern and after finished the first sock finding it too deviated from what it should look like. Turned out I forgot one row of ribbing between the cable rows. Stupid and completely preventable.

And more recently I was happily starting the daisy stitch on my (almost finished!) New Girl skirt. Again I read the repeat once, after which I happily knitted on from memory. Few rows further along I noticed my blobs weren’t lining up, because I had AGAIN, memorised the pattern wronly. I guess I’ll never learn.

How about you, do you have any confessing to do?



4 thoughts on “Knitting confessions

  1. Thank you for joining my link up!

    I get a bit lazy when reading patterns, too. I definitely do not read the whole thing through like I should. I just dive in headfirst hoping for the best.

    I love that skirt you are working on, though. The colors are fantastic. I can’t wait to see it finished.

    • I’m so happy to hear you like the colours of the skirt, I’ve changed my mind about liking the combination so often that it is good to have some positive reinforcement about it 🙂

  2. You mean there are people who actually read the knitting pattern ahead of time? :O

    I am terrible at taking breaks, because I start a project, put it away for a few days and then try to catch up on what I should have knit in one day. This is awful for my hands I know!

    Also, I have never knit a gauge swatch before. Since I have yet to knit a garment this isn’t so bad but it explains why when I first started knitting socks a lot of ripping had to be done as I kept switching needle sizes 😛

    • Thanks for your confessions, I have to say they also sound very familiar to me 😀 For socks I never ever do a gauge swatch although for things when it matters more I try to make more of an effort.

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