Review time! Sockupied Fall 2014


As you might already know I’m a bit of a sock knitting addict, so I’m very excited to be reviewing the Fall 2014 version of Sockupied!

If you are not familiar with Sockupied, it is an interactive e-magazine, which besides patterns also has other interesting articles, like for example a feature on how to knit long-lasting socks or a piece on wool washes. So even for an experienced sock knitter, it is still a very interesting read.


The interactive format of Sockupied is really fun, you download the magazine as a program (for either windows or mac) and easily install it on your computer. You can hop through the different parts of the magazine in a more versatile way than a traditional pdf format would offer. Although a pdf might seem more easy access, there is no need to be intimidated by the application, because it is easy to figure out. It is also easy to print the patterns from the program, if you’re more of a paper kind of person. However I could also see the downside in having to install another program with every new edition of the e-mag, and I wonder if it wouldn’t be possible to make this format browser based or maybe to have one central program for multiple editions for example.


There are 6 featured patterns, by various designers and also varying degrees of difficulty, which can be found on Ravelry here. As you can see the patterns are really pretty. My favourites are the Time Traveler socks (pictured above), that got their name by being inspired by a vintage knitting pattern. And if you’re looking for a beautiful colourwork challenge, you will certainly like the True North socks, that come with some interesting construction techniques.


One small detail that I really appreciate is that even in the patterns there are some interactive features. You can get some extra information on the designer or materials needed (with links to the used yarn), or you can view different pictures of the socks. For each pattern there is also the option for a pdf download, which I greatly appreciate!


The retail price for Sockupied is $7,99 (which is around €6,00) is in my opinion already worth it for the sock patterns alone, but with the nice bonus of having an interesting magazine attached to it. All in all I really enjoyed reading through the different features, the patterns are gorgeous and made my sock knitters heart beat a little faster. And I actually learned a thing or two, so I can only heartily recommend Sockupied.

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  1. The patterns look lovely in this issue. Do you know how the magazine works on ipad? Can you get it through Zinio like Knitscene?

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