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SpingFern3 Happy beginning of Spring/Easter everyone! Hoping you all enjoyed some relaxing days spend whichever way you wanted, with some knitting on top. My weekend was good, but I’m a little low on knitting time lately. Other than the usual hectic at work, I actually bought an apartment since my latest blogpost. Does this officially make me an adult now? I certainly hope not.. Most of the paperwork is done and the wait for getting the key has started (which is end of April) and packing has been on my mind already (although actually doing it is apparently a whole other story). Which is not to say I haven’t been knitting at all!

Spring is definitely already showing itself just a tad bit, and I felt some Spring inspired socks were in order. The pattern is called Spring Fern and I’m using the magical Wildflowers colourway from the Snailyarn I got for my birthday last December. It’s certainly knitting up like a dream, beside the fact that for the first time ever I’m knitting socks on 2mm 15cm long DPNs. Makes me feel like I have ginormous hands and progress is noticeably slower. It will give me a great fit though so it is worth it. And I actually have child-size hands in real life so it’s nice to finally feel like a person that isn’t so challenged in the hand-size department.

I haven’t made a lot of progress with my Evening Stockings for a Young Lady, although I have moved on to the foot. Still really like the grey-yellow mix, these are going to be awesome.

Char Char2

I also cast on the first sweater of this year (pattern is called Char). Even though the pattern collection is an ode to black (and I totally feel that with my usual wardrobe), I’m using some purple Rowan Pure Wool DK I still had lying around. I’ve linked this stash to so many sweaters and cardi’s by now but never loved the combination enough to cast on. I am digging this so far, and I think the first attempt may actually be my size (unheard of!).

I also need to start baby knits soon! No I am not pregnant, but a friend of me is due this May and she already hinted she certainly wouldn’t mind a hand knit gift. But having never knit anything for baby’s before I need some advice on good yarns to use! I guess the most important requirements are softness and being machine-washable. So any advice/recommendations would be extremely welcome!

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  1. is it just the computer image or are you sort of surprised how green those first socks are turning out? From the ball, I would have thought you’d be getting a more wildflower look. I love them, but they surprise me!!! I’ve just ordered some new baby yarn for some soon-to-be-babies at church. I’ve never used it before, but it was on sale at loveknitting.com and got good reviews and right now I can’t remember the name (oops)…definitely a washable wool blend. Fingers crossed it’s nice. I’ve used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in the past and it’s really nice.

      • You are so right about the green, it is quite surprising! It looked much greener on the skein, so I have a feeling the second sock might end up being much more colourful than the first one (which is fine by me). Thanks for the tip about the yarn, sounds like a good option!

  2. I love doing baby blankets–it has a much longer shelf life than a piece of clothing (they grow SO FAST), and it becomes a kind of heirloom piece to be passed down. For yarn, I’d actually suggest looking at cotton. Nice and machine washable, no irritation factor, lots of colors!

  3. Congratulations on buying an apartment! That is a big deal.
    Your knits constantly inspire me. I figure whenever my knitting mojo is love, I should just come take a look at your gorgeous happenings.

  4. I love the green in those socks … and the purple sweater is gorgeous! I have been looking for a sweater to knit with some DK I have, and this just might be it!

    • The green is pretty mesmerising, isn’t it? 🙂 So far I can definitely recommend the sweater pattern if you’re looking for something in DK weight, very well written.

  5. The socks are looking great! I absolutely love that color purple for your sweater, I bet it’s going to be fantastic to wear 🙂 And how exciting to finally have an apartment! Hopefully the packing and moving process will go very smoothly for you 🙂

    • Thanks Kat, the apartment stuff is pretty exciting indeed! I’m slowly making progress with the packing, but I’m usually a bit of a last minute/needs a looming deadline kind of person to make stuff happen 😉

  6. Congrats on your big purchase! That is so exciting. I hate moving, but I love planning for new places. And your knitting is looking great. That sweater would fit right into my wardrobe! I always love your yarn and pattern choices.

  7. Happy Easter and congratulations on the apartment, that’s a huge step and so much fun to have something of your own. I love those Snailyarn socks, I should really invest in some better sock yarn, I’m always a bit jealous when I see other people’s beautiful sock yarn! And about those needles, it’s a bit tricky at first, but I know I’d rather knit socks on 15 cm needles than 20 cms. I’m so used to that now.

    About the baby knits, I’ve heard malabrigo merino worsted is good for babies and I’m quite pleased with the Drops Nepal Mix I used for a hat and shorties. It’s soft, easily blocked, but that’s as far as my experience reaches. 🙂

  8. Big big congratulations on your very own apartment! How exciting it is!!! Love all your projects – colors, texture and yarn look so lovely! Looking forward to your baby knits projects!

  9. love your char sweater, and those stunning socks… amazing yarn choice! baby knits- don’t knit a sweater too short or with shortish sleeves. waaay too many baby sweaters are really wide and short, which is not the shape of any baby I’ve met. Sunnyside is a great (free) unisex baby cardi pattern that yields great results.

  10. Beautiful WIP’s! I am falling hard for the Spring Fern and Snailyarn combo. Congratulations on your new apartment, especially if it has more room for yarn 🙂

  11. So many gorgeous projects! I love baby knitting – I mostly do blankets and just use a basic DK yarn that can be machine washed, so I’m not so great at the advice. There’s a few of my past projects on the blog if you’re looking for ideas though 🙂

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