Neon socks galore

Possibly inspired by the freezing winter weather, or possibly just because, but I’ve been bitten by the neon sock knitting bug (yes that’s a thing). In terms of my garment knitting I definitely tend to keep things on the safe side, but I have zero fears of going wild on my hand knit socks. Currently I am feeling all of the highlighter colours, and my feet deserve a little party every now and again.

Yesterday I finished up this neon stripey pair of socks made out of Nicole C Mendez yarn (this is the Avada Kedavra colourway). She makes the absolute loveliest self-striping yarn, which I’ve also used before for a mint green striped pair.

You might notice that, completely out of character for me, I’ve actually matched up the stripes on these socks! Feel free to burst out into applause. I didn’t suddenly get bothered by matching up stripes though, but the black stripe fit so perfectly for the fish lips kiss heel on the first sock that I decided to recreate it on the second.


And the next sock of neon-goodness if already cast on..How good does that toe look?? Hmm.. delicious..

8 thoughts on “Neon socks galore

  1. I enjoy seeing these. Every time i try and make bright socks they tend to fade after 2-3 washes. I wonder if it’s the dyere, the dye, or just the nature of constant washing.

  2. I love them! Chartreuse is my favorite color….I have some neon stripe yarn waiting in the wings…I’ve been addicted to self stripe yarn lately and buying lots of it…

  3. I love neon socks ! And they go so well with todays’ grey weather.. nothing to add some colour to such a day than bright socks 🙂

  4. I love when self striping socks match without much effort. Bravo on your new pair of matching socks.

    Oddly enough, I’ve not been bitten by the neon bug. Of course I’m sure it could happen at any moment. Yarn is sneaky like that.

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