saffran2_oct When I was living in Denmark I learned a beautiful new little word; overspringshandling (or displacement activity in English). In biology the term refers to the idea that when animals are faced with two competing behaviours, e.g. fight or flight, instead of doing either of them, they’ll start doing something completely unrelated. The Danes used this word more in the likes of ‘I should probably be studying for my exam, but instead I’ll start cleaning the kitchen’. I think I’m experiencing the knitting equivalent right now.


See, I’m only a button band away from steeking this tiny cardigan. But bringing the scissors to this work that was in the end quite fidgety and a hassle to make, is giving me some serious fight or flight vibes. So even though I should really finish this before my friend gives birth (any day now), I started knitting snowmen in October. They’re chilling in my Bonsai until the Christmas tree goes up (still 1,5 months or so away from now).


Oh and I finished the body of my Threshold sweater. But apparently I don’t have the correct needle size for the sleeves, so the project is have a little nap until the new DPNs arrive.


I’ve also figured knitting a second baby present is less work than finishing project #1, so I’m making a Teddy Sweater in some super pretty Malabrigo Arroyo.


My stash is also not starving anymore, I won an instagram giveaway by Uschitita and boy did she spoil me with this prize.


Also, someone needs to delete the Etsy app from my phone already because I keep falling in love with new indie dyers and have some serious inhibition issues. These pretties arrived Lystig yarns in Finland recently. I love these two pale colours together. I was squishing and sniffing the yarn and I actually heard these skeins whisper to me that they’d like to be used together in a project, maybe a shawl with lots of garter stitch. I’m aware hearing yarn speak isn’t exactly normal, maybe it’s time for some vacation.

lystig4 lystig

Speaking of which, I’m visiting the US in less than 2 weeks (arriving on the day of the elections, talk about timing!) and I’ll be spending some time in San Diego and New York city. If anyone has any tips on things to see and do please let me know!



7 thoughts on “Overspringshandling

  1. I’ve been tempted to do completely unrelated knitting when running into knitting problems. So far I’ve resisted, but the urge is strong!

    It’s lovely seeing all that you’ve been working on in one post! I especially like that you’ve knit so many different colors of the rainbow.

    You’re coming to the US? I wish I lived a bit closer to where you are landing. Alas, despite being in California, I am nowhere near San Diego.

  2. Thanks for naming my syndrome–overspringshandling. Now, if I can only pronounce that without sweating…I would be a pro. English as second language comes with it’s difficulties. I recommend stopping by Purl Soho and Knit City, both in NYC. Wandering around Central Park doesn’t get old. How about strolling around the Fashion District in search for buttons? Have a great week!

  3. I always enjoy your updates so much! I can definitely relate to “overspringshandling” 🙂 Have fun in the States. Oh please, go to Purl Soho and take some photos – it’s my dream to visit it someday!

  4. So glad there’s a word for that predicament – overspringshandling! That grey and rainbow yarn from the giveaway is absolutely gorgeous 😀 Have fun in the states! It’ll be an interesting time in history for sure!

  5. At least you are getting lots of beautiful knitting in while avoiding the steeking. Especially love how the Threshold sweater is coming along. Gorgeous color! There are lots of great yarn stores in NYC: purl soho, knitty city & brooklyn general to name a few. I also love walking around Greenwich Village. Lots of cute unusual shops there.

  6. Oh my goodness those snowmen are adorable! I am going to have to knit some for our tree this year. I also (still) totally love your Threshild.

    However: you know it’s time, right? Steeeek! Promise it won’t be that bad.

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