One down.. 399 to go?


Starting with the Beekeeper’s Quilt has been a goal for me for a while now, and I am proud to say that I’ve finally knit my first Hexipuff! Since my feet aren’t that big I usually end up with a lot of sock yarn leftovers. Some of it will be recombined and turned into a new sock, but most just ends up not being used. So I figured starting this quilt would be the perfect way to make good use of my leftovers.

But I wouldn’t be me if I wouldn’t use this as the perfect excuse to buy even more yarn. So a while ago I purchased these lovely, super squishy mini skeins on Etsy. It’s 31 mini skeins of 100% Merino and each is enough to make one hexipuff. I really fell in love with the colour palette and it should give me a great start to my very own Beekeeper’s Quilt.


The pattern to make a hexipuff is wonderfully easy, so it’s a good project for on the go. My first puff is finished, now what? I’m not quite sure yet how big I want my quilt to end up or where it will end up (debating between living room and bedroom right now). I’ve set a goal of 400 puffs and then I’ll see if I think it’s big enough already. I’m not in a particular hurry to have this finished, but it would be nice if I could finish a couple of puffs each month. My main goal is to end up with a big and colourful quilt, but looking at my sock yarn stash that shouldn’t be a problem either.


For now I’ll be puffing away, one puff at a time. And big bonus, my cat seems to be happy with the first puff (doesn’t he look thrilled to have a puff on his head). I’m sure he will take many naps on the quilt once it’s done and in the meantime he might have to pose for pictures with a puff or two. 🙂


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