Knit deprived


Hello dear readers, how has to first month of 2016 treated you? I found myself in a serious state of knitting deprivation in January. I figured I’d make a *super quick* cross stitch as a birthday gift for a friend (which was in the beginning of January), which I only finished just last week. We both love Community, so I thought this would be a nice little gift, but I was SO over cross stitch for the last 2 weeks. I didn’t want to start knitting because the temptation to just forget about the whole gift would be too great. I’m glad I pushed myself to finish it, now I just need to nicely frame it and it can finally be gifted. Just one month too late, that’s not so bad right?


I don’t foresee doing any new cross stitch projects in the next few months, so I indulged in casting on new projects. The first had to be socks of course. It’s been so long since I knit my last pair of knee socks, plus I had some beautiful leftover yarn from my Golden Leaves socks that I wanted to use up. Yellow as a contrast colour for gray knee-socks seemed like a fail proof idea, and so far I am LOVING them. I just need to calculate if I have enough yellow to also make yellow heels and toes, which I think would be my favourite option. If I don’t have enough yardage left I’ll at least try for yellow toes.. because YELLOW TOES! The pattern is called Evening Stockings for a Young Lady, ha! I guess I am a young lady, so perfect fit of pattern & prospective stocking wearer.


Next to that I cast on a cowl with the Brooklyn Tweed yarn I bought in Canada. The pattern is Adama, although my project doesn’t look like much yet. Had to share this picture though, because Iva demonstrates why she deserves the title of top photobombing cat of the year title. Her little head with those blue eyes full of mischief popping up behind the knitting cracks me up.

14 thoughts on “Knit deprived

  1. What a fun cross stitch- though maybe not for you. The blue and yellow contrast is clever for the socks- really pretty. The last image is puuurfect with little Iva popping up behind there- what a beautiful kitty she is.

  2. I love the grey and yellow stockings! Those are going to be so beautiful and cozy 🙂 I also love the green you chose for your Adama-and of course Iva’s photobomb!

  3. Hahah. I didn’t even notice your kitty until you pointed her out and now that photo just cracks me up. It’s the kitty, not your knitting, I swear.

  4. Really loving the knee socks and the yellow and grey combo. I may have to add them to my to-knit list. I have never made knee socks before, but have always been very tempted.

  5. Love all the colors in this post! Especially this green. Iva is my favorite knitting blog cat now 🙂 Such a beauty!

  6. I still love the colour of that Brooklyn Tweed. I think you’ve found a perfect pattern to match it!

    Such a shame you got stuck on a project that wasn’t all to your liking, but it looks like you’re really making up for it with the two new projects. Looking forward to seeing them finished!

  7. Good on you for finishing that cross stitch before starting a knitting project. That took discipline! I adore it. 🙂
    The knits are lovely, but really Iva’s photobomb makes me giddy with happiness!

  8. Ooh I love those colours together – I totally need something in grey and yellow now! 🙂

  9. cross stitch is never super quick for me, but I’m glad it was for you. Love those socks 🙂 Hope you have much more knitting time in February and March!!

  10. I can hear her saying, “Pay attention to me.” I’m glad you pointed her out. I would have missed the photobomb without it.

  11. The cross-stitch is awesome and will make such a fun gift! Love the yellow/grey combination going on those socks. Iva has the prettiest eyes 🙂

  12. Yes, yellow toes! I love your color sense! You’re my sock inspiration – speckles, rainbows, and mesh lace… sigh.
    I don’t know if I could set my knitting down for too long to do another craft. I have a couple of other things just waiting until I do, but I seem to cast on constantly.

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