Full blown autumn

Today was a lazy Sunday, outside the wind was rushing and there was rain. Inside there was cake baking, cat cuddling and knitting. I can’t begin to describe how in love I am with this season change.

After pretty much only monogamistic sock knitting during summer it feels nice to have several projects on the needle. For the first sweater of the season (pattern is Threshold) I was looking for a perfect semi-solid yellow and I think I found it in this Phileas Yarn explorer (colourway Wat). Isn’t the neckline of this sweater to die for? It’s a super enjoyable knit so I’m a little torn between wanting to have it off the needles to wear and wanting it to be an eternal wip.

I’m also working on a hat from the autumn issue from Pom Pom Quarterly. It’s the Asklöv hat, and well, the brim is obviously pretty boring to knit. I’m looking forward to the colourwork. I’m using geilsk tynd uld, the colour is very pretty.


And there always have to be socks on the needles, there’s simply no other way. The Bordeaux Red from the skein of Ancient Arts Fibre sock yarn I bought in Canada last year was screaming my name. The pattern is Drogon by Cookie A. It’s not actually super fluffly yarn, any observed fluff in the picture is because the cat took a nap on it.

After finishing up so many socks over summer I also got some slight anxiety I might at one point dry out my sock yarn stash. Please try not to laugh… Ok that’s fine go ahead and laugh. I’ve done the math though, and for every skein of sock yarn knit up, at least 4 new skeins need to be added to the stash to compensate. So voila, here’s my attempt to fill up the stash again, surely more to follow 🙂

strandeddyeworks missmothballs

Well hello there pretties, welcome to my home! <3

The pastel prettiness is by the hands of Stranded Dyeworks oasis fingering in the Naive Watercolour colourway. That purple-yellow combination that set my heart aflutter is by Miss Mothballs in the Speckle Me colourway.

14 thoughts on “Full blown autumn

  1. I love that sweater so much! I’m glad to hear it’s a joy to knit, but I think you’ll be even happier cozying up in the finished product 🙂 The sock yarns look great-I’ve got quite the pile of sock yarns piling up that I really ought to tackle!

    • You are right of course, it’s going to be so nice to be able to wear it 🙂 I’m halfway through the body now so getting closer! And sock yarn stashes make me so happy!

  2. Run out of sock yarn? What does your sock yarn stash look like at the moment?

    Also, at my knit night group, we don’t count yarn for socks as stash 🙂

  3. Gosh what beautiful projects you have on the go. That sweater yarn/pattern combo is magic, and I’ve also been very tempted by that same PPQ hat. Excellent taste!

  4. Yay for fall knitting! I love the sock yarns you just purchased. I wish I could say I purchase sock yarns because my stash is running out…I think I have enough for 40 pairs of socks, so definitely not running out.

    • Well I think 40 skeins is a good number to have stashed up, it gives you loooots of freedom to find good matches between pattern and yarn, that’s what I love of having a decent stash 🙂

  5. Ok, you get the prize this week for being the best enabler in the world. I LOVE every single project you are working on…..and I’m heading to Rhinebeck this week, the US mecca for stash enhancement….and this list is coming with me. I ADORE that hat….that neckline is THE BEST…..and I’ve never met a cookie a sock I haven’t loved. OH!! How I love autumn knitting, too!!!!

    • I do apologise for all the enabling. Ok not really, someone has to do it! So awesome that you’re going to Rhineback, looking forward to all the yarn you’ll be bringing back.

  6. You’ve been busy!!! What a beautiful collections of WIPs!! I am especially in love with your sweater – it is so so gorgeous. It will look wonderful on you!

  7. That sweater is looking gorgeous! Love the color and beautiful neckline. Autumn knitting is the best. I totally agree with your sock yarn replacement system. Thanks once again for introducing me to two new indie dyers!

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