FO: Wilshire shawl

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Oh happy day! I’ve finished this shawl in time and am so happy with how it turned out!

Pattern: Wilshire shawl
Yarn: Lana grossa lace merino in colour Lilla


I started this shawl a month ago and since it was intended as a birthday gift it had to be done before yesterday. On monday I finished all the knitting and on tuesday I quickly blocked it and weaved in the ends. Yesterday it was wrapped and on to Amsterdam I went. I’m delighted to say my friend loved it! She knows I’m a quite fanatic knitter and I told her I made her a present. I think she was expecting a pair of socks, but this was much better of course. Also my yarn over mistake really isn’t noticeable, probably due to the amount of yarn overs throughout the shawl.

WilshireShawl8 WilshireShawl5

I’m also very happy with the yarn. It is so soft and quite elastic. I don’t think I have one bad thing to say about it. And the colour is really nice as well. Plus I still have plenty left for another big shawl, yay!

Now I feel like casting on some stuff that is a bit more seasonal and warm. And one big cast off equals at least 5 new cast ons right?

9 thoughts on “FO: Wilshire shawl

  1. Beautiful – your friends are so lucky to have such great knit items made for them. And you can’t notice any mistake at all – it looks perfect!

  2. That is so incredibly gorgeous and intricate! The time and devotion it takes to make a project like that always inspires me. It looks so graceful! Love it!

  3. At least 5 new cast-ons is right!!! Welcome to the dark side 🙂 Such a beautiful shawl and I’m impressed at your knitworthy friend being such a wonderful recipient!!

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