FO: Striation Socks

Yay, my first FO of 2015! All that lovely snow we had yesterday is more of a brown mush today, so no excuses anymore for taking some FO pics.

Pattern: Striation Socks by Cookie A
Yarn: Eden Cottage Yarns Tempo 4ply in Copper Bucket

Striation5 Striation

It’s hard to capture the depth of the colour in a picture, but trust me, this colourway does its name justice. The semi-solidness works nice with all that lace, and it feels like perfect sock yarn. I’m quite optimistic that the yarn is sturdy enough to make these socks last a long time, and the stitch definition is great. I’ll definitely be using ECY yarn again.

Striation7 Striation4

I didn’t modify anything in the pattern, but there’s one thing you might want to take into consideration. The lace part is super stretchy, so I went down to size S, which is knit over 56 stitches. I usually make my socks with 64 stitches, but really the smallest size gave me a perfect fit this time. However, I do like my sock legs long. And physically speaking, I do have calves. The cuff isn’t exactly the stretchiest ever, and although the blood supply to my feet isn’t exactly cut off, a little more stretch would’ve been nice.


Other than the whole cuff thingie I really loved this pattern. Loads of yarn overs (maybe these aren’t the best winter socks ever) and it was really engaging without being frustrating. This pattern was at some point part of Cookie A’s sock club, so you’ll find loads of purple versions on the project page, which is really tempting me to make another pair in purple.

 I’m very pleased with this project. The pattern is an enjoyable knit, the yarn is lovely and an enjoyable colour, and the end product is very pwetty. And just a general yay for the first FO of the year!


18 thoughts on “FO: Striation Socks

  1. Your socks are beautiful and I even love the colour you chose though it is not one I normally like. Cookie A’s pattern are among my favourites so these were bound to turn out great. 😉

  2. These are SO lovely! The lace pattern looks gorgeous in the copper colourway. Now you’ll have the perfect pair of socks to wear when the weather gets warmer!

  3. Wow these look great, and I love the colour. I’ve just looked at the purple version on Ravelry and they look awesome too… if you make them in purple then you could increase the size of those cuffs to allow a little more circulation to your feet haha.

  4. these socks are absolutely beautiful! the colour is gorgeous and the intricate lace pattern is something I can only dream of achieving myself 🙂 lave knitting is the one thing I haven’t had the guts to try yet…one day, one day…but now it’s snowy here so I’m working on a big scarf order instead! 🙂 can’t wait to see more gorgeous 2015 knits! jenny xx

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