FO: Sperry & Giveaway winner

It’s done, it’s done, it’s finally done! Conveniently I didn’t add a cast on date to my Ravelry project, but I saw that I mentioned this sweater in a blog post last October, so yeah.. it’s been a while. This sweater was cast on, mistakes were made, couldn’t get my stitch count correct, then managed to knit quite a bit with my stitches twisted in the round, then noticed I was knitting a size that would fit 5 of me, reknitting the bottom hem and in the end running out of yarn. Needless to say there were numerous times I felt like giving up. But I didn’t, and now I proudly present it as a finished object.

Pattern: Sperry by Amy Miller
Yarn: Lana Grossa Cool Wool Merino


Overall happiness with this project is very high, and not just because it’s finally finished. I think the extra time it took to rework some things was worth it. I did originally go for the split hem that was described in the pattern, but I really didn’t like the way it curled upwards. The ribbed hem is a bit more boring, but overall does look more clean and is simply much more practical.

Sperry5 Sperry8

And it fits! I’m very tempted to knit this pattern another time (although probably not in the near future) and I’d love to play around with different colours and maybe equally wide stripes. I think I wouldn’t mind it in a version that is a little longer and with full length sleeves. The shorter sleeves are definitely done by choice, but it is unfortunate that it isn’t a full winter sweater now. Also the jogless stripes aren’t as subtle as I would’ve hoped, but it is to an extent that I can live with it.

The yarn was an affordable option (at least compared the more luxurious yarn brands), adding up to around 40 euros in total. In my opinion that is great value, because it knit up lovely, didn’t mind all the ripping I did and is very soft, especially after the first wash.

All in all I am a very happy knitter! And now I hope to also make another knitter very happy by announcing the winner of the Blossom cap pattern giveaway!

And the winner is….

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 20.09.08
Monica (rav id:mmgrrr)

Congrats! A copy of the pattern will be send to you on Ravelry, happy knitting! 🙂

23 thoughts on “FO: Sperry & Giveaway winner

  1. You Sperry looks amazing. I like Amy’s patterns, but I really love the beautiful berry pink you used. And you’ll enjoy wearing it even more knowing all the effort that went into it.

  2. Wow. It looks absolutely stunning and fits really nice. Definitely worth that extra effort. I love the colour too x

  3. You did an awsome job I think, also considering the problems you encountered while knitting this. These patterns can look so easy, but to make it fit so properly like it fits you, is a great win! I didn’t even noticed your jogless stripe attempt until I read it in your post. You can be proud of this masterpiece!

    • Good to hear the jog in the stripes isn’t too noticeable, it’s always a bit of a struggle for me. And I agree, sometimes patterns can look deceivingly easy, but I think a second time round this should be easy peasy (I hope at least!).

  4. Yay, it’s finished! It looks perfect now and I am glad you are so happy with it after all that work. I like the thin stripes and your colour choice. I am a fan of 3/4 sleeves, too, so this sweater is very appealing. The hem was probably a good choice as well and it matches the simplicity of the overall item. Well done!

  5. It looks great! Congratulations! I just finished my stripy seamless top, so I know the joy you feel when you put it on! I would definitely cast on a winter version some time in the future and this pattern (with your notes) is a candidate!

  6. What a beautiful jumper! The fit looks perfect, and the contrast with the white stripes and the vibrant berry colour is stunning! I feel very tempted to give this pattern a try, even if your journey to this lovely FO was a little bumpy. 😉

  7. That sweater came out great! It’s definitely worth all the extra work you had to go through. The color is fantastic, and it fits you perfectly 🙂 Congratulations on an excellent FO!

  8. Your Sperry is gorgeous! It looks like it fits like a glove and hopefully you’ll get tons of wear out of it in the cooler months ahead. Way to persevere! I’ve got a Turia sweater I’m slowly clicking away on and this is definitely good inspiration to get going!

  9. Your sweater was definitely worth the time it took to knit, it’s lovely on you!
    I’m already struggling with stitch count….:(

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