FO: Rye Mitts


October is tempting for any knitter, so many new pattern releases, an abundance of inspiration and it’s nearly impossible to not catch a serious case of Startitis. I could feel it coming, my fingers were tingling with the urge to cast on. But the thought made me sad as well, because there were some really old WIPs awaiting my attention as well. So I decided that for at least one month, I wouldn’t cast on anything new, and finish my attention on finishing up old stuff. So now I find myself WIP-busting my way through October. Finishing the vanilla self striping socks that were over a year in the making already felt really good, and this is my second finish this month.

Pattern: Rye Mitts by Hanne Katajamäki
Yarn: Malabrigo sock in African Violet


If this shade of purple seems familiar, it’s because this was knit up with leftover yarn from my Blossom cap I knit earlier this year. These mitts were cast on at the end of May and it’s such a quick little knit it’s a mystery why I waited so long to finish mitt number 2. Interestingly though, these couple of months made quite a big difference in my tension, making one mitt a little bigger than the other. No worries though, they fit just fine so I’m not sweating it.



I knew I still had these super cute buttons stowed away especially for these mitts, it just took me an hour sifting through my house to find them. Note to self: find some sort of button organising system that is better than randomly throwing them somewhere.

Bonus number 1 is that these are perfectly in time to keep my hands warm in the office that is getting colder by the day. Bonus number 2, they are cat approved.


After finishing these I started focusing all my energy on the Tiller scarf I started in November last year, hoping to finish it before the WIP hits that 1-year mark. I need all the strength I can get to stick to my fantastic WIP-busting resolution, so keep me in your thoughts dear knitters!

14 thoughts on “FO: Rye Mitts

  1. Oh I love your mittens! They are beautiful! I always wanted to knit Rye, and after seeing yours, I definitely need a pair for myself too 🙂

  2. Like you, I often wonder WHY in the world a perfectly great project gets sent to time-out!?! I just finished a similar lingering one. A real mystery. Wish I had your determination to polish off a couple before starting something new. I’m too weak! (just cast on a hat!!!)

  3. I’m impressed with your resolve in getting those WIPs off the needles. I can attest that it feels really great not having a bunch of half projects haunting your crafting time.

  4. Beautiful mitts and the button really adds to their beauty!
    Sending your strength in regards to your scarf. 🙂

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