FO: Paint the Town scarf

Two FO posts in a row, am I on a roll or what?! My Paint the Town scarf came off the needles, got a wash, a block and is ready to be pranced around.

Pattern: Paint the Town by JumperCables
Yarn: Hedgehog fibres sock in Canal House and Seed, and Undercover Otter Squirm Sock in Blackheath Woods

The most appropriate summary of this project is stockinette for days.. nay, actually, it’s stockinette for months. I started this scarf due to a massive craving for a simple, no brainer project that would still result in something I’d love to have. I would say the project fulfilled all of these requirements, but mostly has cured me out of my stockinette craving. Seriously, hand me some lace or cables right now!

But I really do not want to complain, because gosh there is a lot to love about this project. Obviously the yarn. Oh the yarn!! Both the hedgehog fibres and the undercover otter yarn are exactly what I was looking for and they go fantastically well together. The subtle semi-solidness and light speckles are super pretty and the resulting fabric is so light and drapey.

Which brings me to another thing I love about this, I feel like I can wear this in a million different ways. It’s really hard to judge from the pics, but this thing is massive. MASSIVE I tell you. I don’t have exact measurements, but it’s way taller than myself, so I’m guestimating it to be well over 2 meters. This means I can either wrap it around my neck as a normal scarf or go full blown coccoon and wrap up my entire body in it. Which is brilliant and practical.

Anyway, like I said, stockinette cravings are gone, new projects have been cast on, but more on that next time (there might also be a pile of new yarn..).

11 thoughts on “FO: Paint the Town scarf

  1. You picked amazing colors! I totally understand on wanting something difficult after a large brainless project. I’m finishing up one right now and I can’t wait to start a new shawl.

  2. I love this scarf! It looks very nice and comfy, lovely how the 2 shades of blue become stripes and how the white part accentuates the blues. And wow, you knit so smoothly!

  3. It looks amazing! It looks nice and cozy, but also super light and airy- a perfect mix for a big wrap like that!

  4. Oh my! Over two meters? No wonder you were knitting stockinette for months.

    You might have cured my need for stockinette with that project.

  5. Oh, hello beauty -what a scarf! I love its generous size, I am not a big shawl/scarf knitter, but if I make one it has to be a big one to play around with it. Love your color choice!

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