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These past weeks have been insane work-wise. I’m nearing the end of my first year as a PhD student, which means there are all kinds of creepy deadlines coming up for evaluation meetings, progress report presentations etc. And I keep thinking that it would be so nice if only I had a little bit more data to show, causing me to work too much and having sleepless nights overthinking things. Alas, next week will be the busiest and after that it will hopefully all calm down a bit. So despite all busy times I am super happy to be able to actually post an FO post!

Pattern: New Girl
Yarn: Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Stärke 6 in Dottergelb & Petrol

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All in all it took me little under a month to completely finish this skirt, including the time in which I pretended it didn’t exist because I didn’t feel like weaving in the ends. For me, that’s a pretty decent time for finishing a project like this. The biggest battle I’ve been having is second thoughts on the colour choice, and I still really don’t know whether I like the colours or not.. I change my mind about it every other day or so, my thoughts ranging from ‘this is a brilliant combination I should make everything in green and yellow’ to ‘what the hell was I thinking?!’. So if I’m ever knitting this skirt again it will be in nice safe colours, one of them being gray.


The pattern itself isn’t the most exciting knit ever, there being so much stockinette involved, but with the hem, pockets and daisy stitch there is enough going on to keep the knitting interesting. As for the yarn I’m quite pleased with it. The green was splittier than the yellow (weird!) but not so bad that it was annoying. It became softer than I was expecting after washing, so it’s comfortable to wear. And bonus points for the yarn for having such a witty label (although someone should’ve told me this years ago).

11 thoughts on “FO: New Girl

  1. That skirt is so darn cute, I especially love the little pockets! Such a pretty project! Also good luck on the PhD deadlines, I know they seem overwhleming at first, especially the committee meeting, but before you know it, it’s all over! I keep forgetting to ask, what kind of PhD are you working towards?

    • Aah thank you 🙂
      I’m getting my phd at the cognitive neuroscience department of my university. I’m kind of dreading the deadlines right now, but at least I know it will be more relaxed one I get them over with.

  2. with my crazy knitting over more years than i care to think….i’ve NEVER made a skirt!!! I love yours!!!! (and the colors are very very happy ones….will work well when the skies are grey!)

    • You should try knitting a skirt sometime, I feel like skirts are very underrepresented in the knitting world but I think a knitted skirt works just as well as any other garment/accessory.

  3. I know how stressful getting a Ph.D. is, so I feel your pain. Once all this craziness has passed, you’ll be left thinking you have so much free time. Until the next round of craziness. Try not too stress out too much. I find knitting to really help me relax when things get bad.

    And I think your skirt is gorgeous. The colors are bold and great. I hope you wear it and love it.

    • Thanks, it is really reassuring to hear this from someone who’s been through the same! Trying to stay calm now but counting down the days until most of the hectic stuff is over.

  4. Aww, what a cute skirt! I love the color combination and the cute pocket details. Also, this post reminds me that I haven’t watched the latest New Girl episode yet. Guess where I’m off to now 😉

  5. gorgeous! and your knittng is exquisite 🙂 i think the colour choice is lovely and autumnal, though i thinka grey version would be splendid as well (but the current colours are as I said gorgeous!) jenny xx

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