FO: Golden Leaves Socks

So my green little cardigan decided it needed another trip to the frog pond, and to cope with that disappointment I decided I needed to do something I never fail at: sock knitting.

Pattern: Golden Leaves by Cookie A
Yarn: Sweet Fiber Super Sweet Sock in Spanish coin

Excuse the pasty white winter legs.. Oh who am I kidding, my legs look like this all year round. Although there might have been a day or two (at most) after my Hawaiian holiday when there possibly was a slight tan. Or maybe it was the sunshine that made it appear as such? ANYWAY.. socks!


So maybe making a pattern titled ‘Golden Leaves’  in a golden yarn isn’t the most original idea ever, but if it fits it fits you know? This yarn is one of the beauties I picked up during my Canada trip and it’s a true Canadian yarn, which I think is pretty awesome. It is oh so soft that for a minute I contemplated making a shawl out of it. But my feet are certainly pleased I turned into a pair of socks.

GoldenLeaves5 GoldenLeaves3

I don’t think I’ve ever knit a Cookie A pattern that disappointed, and the same goes for these. I just have such a soft spot for lace-y leaf-y sock patterns. I wouldn’t mind knitting/having a hundred socks like these.

And now that I’ve finished my much needed sock therapy, it’s back to cardigan knitting for me. Although I never cease to amaze myself with how often I can make rookie mistakes, despite moving out of the rookie stage years ago, I think the 3rd time WILL be the charm.

10 thoughts on “FO: Golden Leaves Socks

  1. These are out of this world amazing!! Like you, when I non-sock knitting projects don’t go as planned, I pull out my pacifier of knits…socks. They never let you down.
    I cannot get over how beautiful these socks are. Well done!

  2. The third time is always a charm! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that the green cardigan behaves itself from now on. The socks are lovely, and such a beautiful color for grey winter days 🙂

  3. leafy sock pattern!!! my favorite favorite favorite (I just finished some, too!) and now, like you, i’m back to cardigan knitting after a trip to the frog pond. How nice to know someone else has been dealing with cardigan issues the same way I have; socks are so loyal, aren’t they?

  4. Oh Your socks are amazing. Im back to socks as of yesterday! I knit a little Christmas tree bear and she nearly did me in. Im no good at miniatures but I like to try from time to time

  5. These socks are just amazing! love the color and the stitch pattern! And your photos are so inspiring! Keeping my fingers crossed for your 3d attempt on the cardi!

  6. I remember returning from camp one year, pleased I had a tan. Turned out it was just dirt that came off after a good scrub.

    I’m glad you found a good pattern to get you out of a knitting disappointment. I don’t think any of us stop making rookie mistakes.

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