FO: Adama cowl


The first FO of 2016! Whenever I start complaining again about not finishing enough projects, please remind me that 95% of my knitting is in fingering weight is it’s pretty much my own stupid fault. This cowl is knit in worsted weight and I finished it in under a week without even trying very hard.

Pattern: Adama cowl by Hilary Smith Callis
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in the Birdbook colourway

Adama3 Never having worked with any Brooklyn Tweed yarn before I’d say it was a good experience. It’s a shame it’s not so easy to get your hands on it in Europe, because I’m especially charmed by their range of colours. This shade of green is pretty darn close to my favourite colour, although I could’ve knit this in almost any of the other colours they offer and still love it as much as I do now. The first picture probably reflect the colour most accurately, but taking decent FO pics on a cloudy winter’s day will forever remain a challenge to me.
Adama2 Adama4

The pattern itself was a relatively mindless knit and is an excellent candidate for tv knitting. I did need to keep an eye on the pattern, but most of it was smooth sailing and it pretty much felt like it was flying off the needles. And I actually like it in the tweedy yarn! I’m sure this’ll be keeping my shoulders warm for still many hours to come this winter.

18 thoughts on “FO: Adama cowl

  1. turned out lovely!!! I love all BT colours, too….but even living in the states, I still have to mail order and then I’m never r-e-a-l-l-y sure if the colours are going to be what my computer says they are!!! I’m a fingering wt yarn girl, too….and on those rare occasions that I pick up my #7 needles and worsted wt…..I almost feel cheated that the projects end so quickly!!!

  2. It looks really great, especially the fact that the yarn is a tweed yarn. This is definitely a project I’ll need to remember and cast on too someday!

  3. Yay for the first FO 2016! It looks amazing! The color and the pattern were made for each other! You look so lovely!

  4. It’s lovely! I love how satisfying quick projects are, especially in the middle of a bunch of long ones! The BT colors are all so rich, but this green looks amazing on you 🙂

  5. Oh wow, that cowl is SO gorgeous!!! absolutely love everything about it. That colour looks wonderful on you, too.

  6. I had to laugh when you said that it take forever to finish things because knitting in almost all fingering weight is “your own stupid fault.” I feel the same. I was surveying my stash, trying to decide where to put the worsted weight I just bought and realized that I didn’t have a spot since everything I have is apparently fingering weight. Must.Knit.Faster.

  7. SO Beautiful . I Love the flecks of colors in the green. Very very pretty. Bigger yarn is good for that gotta finish something fast mojo

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