Final FO of 2016: Threshold sweater

This is it, the final FO of 2016, finished on the very last day of the year. I had a really good feeling when knitting this and luckily nothing went wrong on the final stretch, no weird issues with the sleeves and sizing stayed perfect after washing and blocking.

Pattern: Threshold by Melanie Berg
Yarn: Phileas Yarns Explorer in Wat colourway

I’m still pleased as punch with the yarn, the semi-solid gold is exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t do any major mods to the pattern, except for one extra round of waist shaping to get a more fitted sweater. The biggest love I have for this design has to be the neckline with the twisted ribbing running off the shoulder. It gives it a unique and elegant feel.

And with that I have finished 17 projects in 2016. I think one of my goals was to knit more sweaters, which didn’t really work out unfortunately. I did learn a whole bunch (like steeking and how not to do it). Most of the knitting was socks (yay!) and 5 were gifts, which is a very good ratio.

I don’t want to set any goals for 2017, as this is the year in which I’m supposed to finish my PhD unless I get an extension. So I guess my goal is to use knitting for what has first drawn me to it, namely to relax me and help deal with stressful periods (and I know I’ll be having plenty of those when finishing my thesis).

How about you, did you set any knitting goals for the New Year?

10 thoughts on “Final FO of 2016: Threshold sweater

  1. That sweater is gorgeous! It looks so great on you, and I love that color. You had some great knits last year-hopefully you find time for some beautiful things this year as well!

  2. I think your goal of just enjoying knitting is a good one. It is really easy to let knitting get stressful when you attach unrealistic goals.

    Good luck with completing your PhD!

  3. The sweater is just perfect! I love this little detail on the sleeve – what a wonderful texture detail! You’ve knit quiet a few things – each of them is so neatly finished and beautifully photographed! Always a joy to visit your place 😉

  4. Wow! Absolutely beautiful! The fit is to die for and that color is gorgeous. Love the little details like the neckline and split hems. Your projects are always so inspiring!

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