Final countdown


This is it. The final stretch. This wednesday I’ll be on a train to Amsterdam and this shawl has to be with me, finished, cast off, blocked and nicely wrapped. There’s no room for failure. This shawl will be gifted.

You might remember me being proud of casting on this Wilshire shawl so well in advance and there being loads of time for me to finish this. I guess I know myself well enough to know it would come to this. Only a couple of days left and still 1,5 lace charts to go over 400+ stitches. It still seems possible, despite most of my weekend already being filled with sporting/social/working plans. And I was quite optimistic until yesterday evening when I spotted a MISTAKE (cue dramatic music). A yarn over mistake right at the spine a couple of rows back. Sorry for making this into a knitting confession but I am terrible at fixing mistakes! Sure, I can pick up a dropped stitch in stockinette, but that’s about it. I’m in awe when I see people fixing complicated lace mistakes by dropping stitches and just knitting them back up again. The only strategies I have when it comes to mistakes are a) don’t make mistakes; and b) if you spot a mistakes carefully knit back every stitch, until said mistake has disappeared.

But here’s the thing, I don’t have time anymore to knit back so many lace stitches. The mistake was a major eyesore to me but I decided to put it to the test to see how bad it really was. I don’t know if this is a horrible thing to think or not but this will be gifted to a non-knitter. So I showed the shawl to my boyfriend (also a non knitter), explicitly told him one of the little holes right next to the spine was wrong and asked him to point it out to me. He couldn’t. So the hard decision was made to leave in the mistake and I’m desperately hoping that even after the yo’s open up after blocking it will still not be visible to non-knitters. Also maybe I overreacted just a tiny bit yesterday, because I also don’t find the mistake that disturbing anymore by daylight, it’s not even visible in the pictures!

I wouldn’t even be in this situation if I’d stick more to my plan. But after casting on I’ve been busy at work, I’ve flirted with cross-stitch and I’m ashamed to admit it but I also cast on a new project. In my defence, I’ve been wanting to cast on the rainbow wanderer socks ever since falling in love with my mini skeinbow. And realising that they would qualify for the September Sockdown fraternal pairs socks challenge I had no choice. And you can’t just cast on a pattern like that and only knit a few rows, I had to see the rainbow evolve a little!


Anyway enough whining for now. I’m getting into full focus mode, no more mistakes and I’m not allowed to do anything besides knit this shawl today.Before wednesday there’ll either be a euphoric blog post about my amazing knitting skills, or a depressed one about how I need a time management course.

8 thoughts on “Final countdown

  1. I definitely cannot spot your mistake in the photo, so it’ll be fine (because I’m the definitive judge of all knitting, of course… :P). I bet you’ll be the only one to notice it, but I am like you and hate knitting mistakes. They feel so obvious to us, but my husband can never point them out to me when I ask if anything looks wrong. And those rainbow socks are amazing! Now I want to cast on a pair. I can’t wait to see those suckers as they progress.

    • I’m just happy with anyone affirming the mistake is too small to spot, so in this case I’ll use you as the definitive judge of all knitting 🙂
      And those rainbow socks are a really fun knit, I can really recommend it. At least as long as I don’t get all those strings tangled up, that will probably take some of the fun out of it.

  2. You can do it! I didn’t even see the error in the picture you posted 🙂 You should just call it a “creative design element” if any one can notice it to point it out.

    Also, LOVE the rainbow socks!!! Happy Knitting!!

  3. The shawl looks beautiful so far, and I can’t see the mistake at all. That purple is fantastic!! I’m loving the rainbow socks-absolutely can’t wait to see more of them 😀

  4. Good luck finishing the shawl before Wednesday! I can also assure you that after looking very hard for the mistake, I still can’t see it. Those rainbow socks are quite the project! Does it get awkward at all to juggle all the little balls of color?

  5. I hope you finished the shawl in time – it’s a lovely gift! And those socks… oh my! Just looking at those cute rainbow skeins makes me wanna cast on a bright and colorful knitting project right away 🙂

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