Double FO post! Mash Potato & Pineapple socks

Somehow this year I’m not being particularly productive when it comes to my knitting, but whenever I do finish things it comes in batches. Currently I seem to have the perfect balance between monogamous and non-monogamous (do we call that polygamous?) knitting; I have around three WIPs at the same time, but I do not start new projects until all three are actually finished. Last week I finished my Powdersnow shawl, and this week the sock front is strongly represented once again.

Pattern: Mash Potato socks by Verena Cohrs
Yarn: Spectrum Fibre sock yarn in the Club Tropicana colourway

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had to make some changes to the pattern to get this sock to fit. According to the pattern you’re supposed to knit the twisted stitches all round the leg, but for me this meant a sock that I couldn’t get passed my heel. I considered several solutions (going up a needles size for the leg or going up a pattern size altogether), but in the end opted for making the back of the leg in stockinette. I still think this is the solution that works best for me, although I can understand if someone else might prefer to have the pattern worked all around the leg. In any case, these are fitting socks now, although there is still some tension on the instep (as you can see in the pictures the middle stitches get a bit stretched). Luckily it’s not to an extent that it affects the fit of the sock, so I can live with this.

This is already the second time this year I’ve made a pair of socks out of Spectrum Fibre yarn (you might remember my Flying North socks), which in itself is probably enough testimony of how much I like the yarn. The colours are SO vibrant and happy, I’ll certainly be ordering from this dyer again. Plus I have relatively small feet, so I actually have substantial leftovers from both of these pairs, I’m certain I’ll find something fun to do with those.

Pattern: Plain vanilla socks with a fish lips kiss heel
Yarn: Pineapple sockblank by Joyance fibrearts

This was my first ever time knitting from a sock blank, and it was loads of fun! I definitely understand the exciting part about not completely knowing what your socks will look like, and it is highly addictive to keep on knitting to watch the colours unfold. One thing though that I beforehand was already a bit hesitant about still irks me; the crinkly-ness of the yarn is not super nice. I knew this beforehand, and it did not bother me as much as I thought it would, but I still prefer my yarn nice and straight. I’ve seen some people online that go through the trouble of undoing their sockblank completely and first giving it a wash, then reskeining them. I would never go that far though, and despite this minor complaint I will be knitting from sockblanks again! Especially if they have pineapples on them of course!

These socks are pairs #9 and #10 of 2017. Audry already suggested on one of my previous posts to put all socks together in one picture at some point, which I’ll certainly be doing! Maybe 17 pairs of socks in 2017 will be my new goal, the idea pleases my inner perfectionist. In the meantime I have cast on two new projects, but more on that next week 🙂


11 thoughts on “Double FO post! Mash Potato & Pineapple socks

  1. I just finished up a sock blank sock last month and absolutely loved it! The colors knit up so different that in the blank. Cute socks and great job on sticking to your three wips!

  2. I love both of these pairs of socks so much! That pineapple sock blank was so much fun, and I really love how it knit up!

  3. I’m with you, the kinks in the sock blanks are not my favorite, but wouldn’t stop me from knitting with them again. There is just a certain color effect you can’t achieve any other way.

    Also, I like hearing how you do your WIPs. I also like having three things on the needles, but I won’t wait until they are all done before adding to the three.

    • There is just something about having around 3 WIPs that works perfectly for me. I’m not good in sticking to only 1, but 3 is still manageable but not so much that you lose track of your progress.

  4. Socks are flying off your needles lady! Love the mod that you decided on for the Mash Potato. I actually prefer it to the original and the pattern shows off variegated yarns so beautifully. I have several sock blanks but have not knitted any socks out of them yet. Yours turned out lovely. Do the kinks block out?

  5. Pineapple Sock Blanks – how fun! Especially if you tell people they have pineapples on them because they will be so confused.

    The first pair is amazing also – I’m looking up that pattern right now. Too bad the stitches didn’t work out for you but they are still pretty.

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