Autumn WIPs

I am LOVING the rainy & windy weather right now, and am indulging in all of the knitting. So far my amount of WIPs is still somewhat under control, but I’m also aware of the great effort I’m putting into not casting on 10 more projects.

I’m still happily working on my Ondawa sweater, wanting to finish it before winter truly arrives. By now I have finished the front panel and have cast on for the back. When I started this sweater I worried a bit about the many different cable charts involved and that this would be incredibly time consuming. But by the end of this panel I practically memorised the cable pattern, so it is a very relaxing project.

In an effort to knit more from all the knitting magazines I’ve been hoarding, I’ve cast on a pair of Elske socks from issue 12 of Pom Pom Quartely. It’s been years since I last knit a colourwork sock, and it’s taking me a little time to get used to it again. I’m using Onion nettle sock yarn, which is new to me, but so far I’m loving the colours and softness of the yarn.

Last week I received a delicious sock blank in the mail from the mermaid yarnery and couldn’t resist an immediate cast on. Aren’t the colours dreamy?

Lastly, another pair of socks (of course) that is also from a magazine. This is the Blomst pattern that was featured in issue 2 of Laine magazine. The yarn is a skein I picked up in Vienna earlier this year (I believe it was a handdyed skein from the Wollewien store), which is knitting up a bit more stripey than I was expecting. Still love it together with the pattern though!

How is your autumn knitting going? Did you go mad with new cast ons or did you manage to restrain yourself?

7 thoughts on “Autumn WIPs

  1. Your Ondawa is looking great! I’m also loving that sock blank so much, I’m definitely adding that dyer to my faves list!

  2. Your sweater is looking amazing! I wish I had time to start a sweater, but I’m in a giant vortex of Christmas knitting and weaving at the moment. Once I reclaim some needles, I’m going to do some selfish knitting.

  3. Your Ondawa is looking gorgeous! It is going to be such a wearable cozy sweater. Such pretty socks too, especially the colorwork one. I have been tempted to cast on all the things, but trying really hard to finish up some lingering wips. There are so many great fall sweater patterns out right now though!

  4. How does the nettle blend sock yarn hold up? I can’t find many reviews about it. Lovely colourwork!

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