The last FO of the year! Lorem Ipsum cardigan


You may or may not have heard my endless whining about knitting this cardigan. I managed to make all the rookie mistakes but somehow still kept myself motivated just enough to get this thing done.

Pattern: Lorem Ipsum by Jennifer Dassau
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock in Fresco Y Seco

LoremIpsum6 LoremIpsum5

So this is the third version I knit. The first one was in the wrong size and was ripped. I was SO excited when the second version seemed to be in my size, but I got totally deceived how similar my different skeins were. When I nearly finished the body and had to switch to the second skein, the transition looked horrible and so, so obvious. The whole thing was ripped again and for the next version I got the size right and alternated my skeins to prevent any horrible transitions. And right when I thought it was done it turned out I had bought 13 buttons for a cardigan with 14 buttonholes. Let’s just say counting anything above 10 is difficult, so not my fault at all.

Well I’m glad I stuck with this thing, it fits, the colours work out, and most importantly IT’S DONE! And right at the edge of 2015.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year’s Eve!!

FO: Golden Leaves Socks

So my green little cardigan decided it needed another trip to the frog pond, and to cope with that disappointment I decided I needed to do something I never fail at: sock knitting.

Pattern: Golden Leaves by Cookie A
Yarn: Sweet Fiber Super Sweet Sock in Spanish coin

Excuse the pasty white winter legs.. Oh who am I kidding, my legs look like this all year round. Although there might have been a day or two (at most) after my Hawaiian holiday when there possibly was a slight tan. Or maybe it was the sunshine that made it appear as such? ANYWAY.. socks!


So maybe making a pattern titled ‘Golden Leaves’  in a golden yarn isn’t the most original idea ever, but if it fits it fits you know? This yarn is one of the beauties I picked up during my Canada trip and it’s a true Canadian yarn, which I think is pretty awesome. It is oh so soft that for a minute I contemplated making a shawl out of it. But my feet are certainly pleased I turned into a pair of socks.

GoldenLeaves5 GoldenLeaves3

I don’t think I’ve ever knit a Cookie A pattern that disappointed, and the same goes for these. I just have such a soft spot for lace-y leaf-y sock patterns. I wouldn’t mind knitting/having a hundred socks like these.

And now that I’ve finished my much needed sock therapy, it’s back to cardigan knitting for me. Although I never cease to amaze myself with how often I can make rookie mistakes, despite moving out of the rookie stage years ago, I think the 3rd time WILL be the charm.

FO: Grady shawl

So the frogging fiasco of last week hurt my knitting heart a little, but nothing that the finishing of this shawl couldn’t heal.

Pattern: Grady by JumperCables
Yarn: Wollelfe Gradient Merino Twin in Kingfisher Teal

There’s something awfully therapeutic about knitting stockinette and garter stitch, no? I loved putting my frustrations into this shawl and watching the effect of the gradient unfold.

Grady3 Grady2

I’d say this is a perfect pattern for showing off a gradient yarn. I think I’d certainly knit it again, but maybe next time make the shawl even bigger so that I can fully wrap myself in it. I am so so happy with the yarn as well, Wollelfe did such an awesome job dying this up and it’s bliss wearing this around my neck. An A++ project altogether.
Grady7 Grady

In the meantime I restarted working on my cardigan last weekend and have a feeling this attempt might actually be in my size, fingers crossed!

A Trip to the Frog Pond


….rip it….rip it…rip it….

Do you hear that ominous sound? Yep, it’s the sound of the frog pond, which is exactly where this cardigan is heading. Probably the least favourite place for any knitter to visit, but an inevitable trip once you figure out that the cardigan you are knitting (of which the body is halfway done I might add) is about 3 sizes too big for you.

I did make a swatch so I was so confident this one would just work at in one go. But a wise person (me) once told me that about 1% of all swatches are evil. There’s no way of telling them apart from the other good swatches, but the evil swatches are known for whispering false promises into your ears and filling your heart with the wildest dreams of fantastically fitting garments. Well I’m pretty sure my swatch was evil (this is obviously in no way my own fault).

The good news about the massive rippage is:

  1. This was ‘only’ one week of knitting, so practically speaking if I am going to knit a smaller cardigan I could be at the same point within days
  2. I’m unrealistically confident that I will get the size right this time
  3. I am loving this yarn-pattern combo (Malabrigo Sock and Lorem Ipsum) so I’m sure the finished project will be well loved

For now I’ll stick to knitting my Grady shawl to comfort me a little, and with a little luck this will be done soon and it can hug me on my second attempt at cardigan greatness.


Indulging in autumn cast-ons


I stuck to my goal of only knitting on WIPs in October, but my period of self-restraint has ended, and I’m indulging in casting on some new projects. I’m also joining in with the My Sister’s Knitter My Fall KAL. For now I’m keeping it down to 2 new projects, one mindless and one thoughtful. Grady3

For the ‘easy’ project I’m knitting a shawl with my Wollelfe gradient yarn. The pattern is called Grady and I love working on this shawl, it’s very rewarding to knit towards a new colour this way. Little fluffy Iva agrees this project is a hit, she certainly likes sitting on it. Oh the challenges of taking knitting pics with a cat around.. I did manage to shoo her off for long enough to take pictures, and she kindly posed with the yarn.

Iva_Grady Grady1

Last week my first ever issue of Pom Pom magazine founds its way to my house. I had to wait until the weekend to find some time to appreciate it fully, but what a great decision getting a subscription to this was. If you haven’t seen the featured patterns yet, do have a look on Ravelry. I feel like knitting all of them, but Cicely is definitely speaking to me the most. Getting some yarn for this has just moved to the top of my birthday wishlist.


The little green gauge swatch still needs a wash and a block, but I’m hoping to cast on the Lorem Ipsum cardigan next week as my more thought requiring project. Giving the unusual warm weather we’re currently experiencing in the Netherlands, this lightweight cropped cardigan felt appropriate. The weather for having heavy warm sweaters in progress on your lap is not quite there yet.