FO: Whitethorn socks

My knitting mojo has been pretty low recently, so it feels good to finally have an FO off my needles again.

Pattern: Whitethorn socks by Lindsey Fowler
Yarn: La Bien Aimee tough sock in a Happy Accident colourway

My low knitting mojo means I do still pick up my needles occasionally, but I haven’t been very focused on one project, and a lot of the time I just mindlessly knit a couple of hexipuffs. Yesterday was Eurovision however, and I used it as an excuse to finally get this pair of socks finished.

This is a pretty fun pattern to make, the cable repeat is not that hard to memorise and keeps the knitting interesting. I think in terms of yarn I’m a bit on the edge with how much business the pattern allows for, but it still works out and the cables pop more than enough.

I recently also made this little unicorn for a tiny friend. The pattern is Nilla the Unicorn and if you are looking for a super cute way of using up your leftover yarn, this is it!