A new home for my yarn

yarn3 I have a confession to make; up until last week my stash was homeless. It’s been only around 5 years since I started taking knitting more seriously, and back in the day I only had the odd ball of (acrylic) yarn and acouple of needles lying around. It was hard to imagine I would ever buy more yarn than I could use up immediately. Boy, was I naive. yarn1

In contrast to my stash, which is still pretty young, I’ve always been quite fanatic about buying books. The book buying has always been at a speed that I could not possible keep up with, reading wise. Just the pure joy of buying a new book, leafing through it in the book shop, occasionally smelling it (yes I do that), and then proudly storing it away in your book case (in alphabetical order of course). If I’d stop buying books nows, I’d probably could happily read on a couple of years.

yarn4 And now the same has happened with yarn. The squishing, selecting colours, and maybe occasionally smelling it (yes I do that). Especially sock yarn is a weakness for me, it’s usually just one or two skeins so it is easily bought. And I do love my sock yarn stash so much (picture above is just the sock yarn)! yarn2

When I started to get more into knitting, I started putting my yarn and materials in cardboard boxes or bags. The stash was spread all over the house and there was no order in it whatsoever. As I said, my yarn was homeless. Lately however the chaos of the boxes and bags lying around everywhere and the lack of order started to annoy me to no end. So now I’ve proudly created a home for it in the form of drawers in a dresser. And I have to say it is such a relief to easily find things!

How about you, do you have a system for organising your stash?

5 thoughts on “A new home for my yarn

  1. Totally have stash envy, although I’ve only been knitting for less than 6 months and mine has grown considerably, maybe in 5 years I’ll have a dresser full of yarn 🙂

  2. Oh I do that too! I smell both books (because I love the smell) and yarn (to figure out if I have to wash it first because of allergies). I have seen stash posts pop up everywhere at the moment, I think it’s time I get around to doing one too.
    Your yarn dresser is lovely. It’s like kindergarden for your yarn: “This is how you live once you’ve been knitted into garments” and all the little skeins go “ooooohhhh”.

    • Yes please do make a stash post, I love peeping into other people’s stash! 🙂
      And I love the idea of it being like a kindergarden, I’ll never view it in the same way now.

  3. I am just like you – I have so much sock yarn. It’s so easy to talk yourself into it when you only need one skein! I can’t make socks fast enough to keep up, but I’m trying!

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