In love with the skeinbow

Today was a very happy day indeed, because when I got home I had a nice surprise awaiting me. As you may remember I made an entry (Breaking Cat) for the Mochimochiland photo series contest and I actually won second place (check out the other winners here and all the super creative entries here)! So the surprise awaiting me was my price which had already arrived all the way from the US. And what better price for a knitter than yarn?

The prize consisted of two mini skeinbows by Happy Go Lucky Yarn (you can find their Etsy shop here). The first one consisted of the bright colours and well.. what can I say? Just look at it! So unbelievably beautiful, I am completely in love. The skeinbow consists of six mini skeins of fingering weight yarn consisting of 75% merino/25% nylon.

The second skeinbow consists of light pastel colours. Again beautiful colours and the skeins themselves are so soft and squishy. And now comes the hard part, what magical rainbow creation am I going to knit with these? There’s so many options; cute Mochimochi creatures? Hexipuffs? Or maybe these amazing rainbow wanderer socks that I’ve been wanting to make for quite a while? Any suggestions are welcome!

I am very grateful for this price so I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to both Mochimochiland for hosting such a fun contest and Happy Go Lucky yarn for making this amazing price available!

Now I’ll leave you with my favourite rainbow picture I ever made. The photo was taken almost exactly a year ago on Midsummer Eve (Sankt Hans) back when I was still living in Copenhagen. What first seemed to be doomed to end as a rainy evening turned into a beautiful night with first a double rainbow, then a great bonfire and a huge full moon. This must be evidence that rainbows have magical powers!

rainbowSanktHans SanktHansCopenhagen

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