A tiny song to fill the silence

It’s been a bit silent around here, basically due to the fact that stuff happened. With stuff I mean mainly me first being busy, then getting sick, and ultimately still being sick right now. The vision of being comfy sick whilst knitting is unfortunately an illusion and I’ve spend most of my time lying on the couch making sad noises. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and I’m starting to feel like my old self again. Regular blogging and knitting will be resumed soon, but to fill the silence in the meantime I just wanted to leave you with this teeny tiny song about knitting by Swedish/Icelandic duo My Bubba. I had the pleasure of hearing this song live a couple of weeks ago and their voices are truly magical. If you don’t know them yet be sure to check them out!

6 thoughts on “A tiny song to fill the silence

  1. feel better soon……i know what you mean about the illusion of cozying up with hot tea and knitting to make you ‘feel’ better—-this only happened when I had a hip replacement—-never ever ever when I’ve been down and out with the ‘crud’!

    That knitting song is great!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Get well soon. I hate it when you don’t even feel well enough to knit. Do you think an employer would understand if they ask you how sick you are and you say too sick to knit? I guess they would if they knit too.

  3. oh, I hope you are feeling better soon! and what a sweet song, thanks for sharing.

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