Snapshots of Riga

Sometimes there’s nothing like a spontaneous trip to an unfamiliar city. Last weekend I found myself in Riga, and my first visit to Latvia was so lovely that I’ll share with you some of the reason you should visit Riga.

You should most definitely go if you …

… love wandering and getting lost in cobblestone streets..

… if having drinks in the cellar of a place called ‘Black Magic’ speaks to you on a higher level..

… if the prospect of a Baltic winter doesn’t scare you off …

… if you want to admire magnificent art nouveau buildings …

… if big shiny golden domes on churches make you go ‘oooooh’ and ‘aaaaah’ …

But most of all, you need to get yourself to Riga if you want to knit like a Latvian (and buy all of the Latvian wool and mittens)…

And of course I could not leave one of the capitals of knitting empty handed…




11 thoughts on “Snapshots of Riga

  1. Nice! Didn’t know a thing about Riga, but I think it’s a good place if they have yarn 😉
    You took beautiful pictures and I do like their churches and streets.
    Have a nice weekend, Sigrid

  2. Riga looks like a stunning place to visit! You’ve brought back some pretty loot! What yarn brand is that one in the box?

  3. Sounds like Riga is the place for me! Let me ooo and agh at your mitten choice, too! And Black Magic? I have a friend who just needs to visit there one day. Thanks for giving us a snapshot of a town many of us wouldn’t think to visit.

  4. YES! to all of the above. The variety of stunning architecture alone is amazing and beautiful. And that yarn store is knitting heaven on earth. I could easily have spent my whole paycheck in there.

  5. Ooh it looks gorgeous! Those mittens will be great, also because if the memories to Riga they’ll carry. Thanks for sharing!

  6. This post was my weekend treat – I save the best for Sunday 🙂 “Sometimes there’s nothing like a spontaneous trip to an unfamiliar city.” – this definitely my kind of philosophy. Even a short road trip leaves me recharged. Riga is such a beautiful town, I am sure it is absolutely magnificent in spring/summer. Yay for all the knit goodies!

  7. The architecture is so beautiful! I can see why you enjoyed your trip. And that knitting! Far too tempting not to purchase some treats. I hadn’t thought of visiting Latvia at all, but I am glad you have introduced it to me from a woolly perspective.

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