The Denmark picture post

Phew, it’s taken me a while to get this post up. Anyone else struck by a heatwave and left completely unproductive? In any case, I’ve finally sorted my way through the pictures of my Denmark trip. There weren’t even that many pictures. Not that Denmark isn’t super pretty and everything, but someone might’ve been a bit sloppy with remembering to charge her camera battery.. or to take an SD card.. or to bring a camera on trips to begin with..

But I think these pictures provide a perfect summary of the trip; beach, nature, summer house, and crooked medieval houses.

And of course I did not come home without bringing some proper Nordic knitting inspiration. I know I sometimes use cuckoo colours in my knitting, but I can do neutrals too! I forever feel inspired by Alina by the Gift of Knitting blog and her excellent use of neutral colours. These alpaca skeins are going to make me a lovely shawl or cowl.

4 thoughts on “The Denmark picture post

  1. It’s been hot over here too. It doesn’t cool down until Saturday, unfortunately.

    Those pictures are just lovely. I especially like the one of the narrow lane taken at night. It looks like a magical place to visit.

  2. Lovely pictures! The medieval houses are especially charming. Also, how cozy is that wood stove? My copy of Laine arrived last week….so many gorgeous patterns.

  3. I love it when you share your beautiful vaca pics. It is like being there. Oh- what I wouldn’t do to curl up on that lovely couch next to that wood stove and knit.

  4. Oh, so sweet of you to mention me in this beautiful post! So glad that you were inspired to pick up this gorgeous color!

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