A year in knitting

Christmas is over. Food has been eaten, things have been baked, baked things have been eaten, the scale has been avoided. Lovely time altogether. And now 2015 is just around the corner and is time to reflect on a great year.

I didn’t plan any knitting goals for 2014, the only thing I promised myself was that I would continue to challenge myself and try and learn new things, and that I certainly did. I completed a total of 19 projects, which seems a bit meagre, but I think I can live with that number (especially knowing there are still several WIPs in various stages of completeness). 8 of those projects were socks, 2 lace shawls, 3 hats, one pair of mittens, one skirt, and 4 projects involving toy knitting. The thing that surprised me most is that although I see myself as a selfish knitter, 7 out of 19 projects were gifts! That’s over 35% of projects that are gifts, which isn’t bad for a self proclaimed selfish knitter..


Top row L to R: Caramel Brulee hat (of which I also made a duplicate as a last minute Christmas gift for my grandmother), a birthday cake made for a friend’s birthday and the Prairie Spring socks.
Middle row L to R: Lakeside knee socks made for my sister, the slightly silly but immensely fun to make Breaking Cat project and a pair of plain ribbing knee socks (where did I find the patience for this?!).
Bottom row L to R: Sir Knights Helmet (another gift), Rainbow Wanderer socks and Chu and Chibi Totoros as last minute Christmas gifts.


Top row L to R: Lakeside kneesocks, New Girl skirt and the Stormborn Shawl.
Middle row L to R: Tintern Abbey socks, Wilshire shawl (birthday gift) and Plants vs. Zombies (birthday gift).
Bottom row L to R: Cold as Fuck mittens,  Thunderstorm socks, and Herringbone socks.

Of course I didn’t enjoy making every one of these to the same degree. One of my favourites to knit is probably the lakeside knee socks, otherwise I’d never have made two pairs! The lace shawls were without a doubt a labour of love, and the Breaking Cat was a joy to make, because it was so silly and funny to come up with the different scenes. The obvious thing that is missing are sweaters and cardigans! I only started one sweater, which is yet to be finished. So I’ll try to shift my focus in 2015 a little towards sweaters and cardigans.

My favourite project of 2014, however, has to be starting this blog! I didn’t know what to expect and whether it’d be something I would actually like. And I LOVE doing this. I love the connections it has brought me, the inspiration and how it makes me think about knitting in a different way. So for 2014 I want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who has visited this blog, happy new year everyone!

26 thoughts on “A year in knitting

  1. I love looking back over the year and reflecting, this year for me will be the first as a knitter, so I may have to do the same and see what projects I have made 🙂 Happy New Year!

  2. That’s such a lovely list of projects, and really 19 is a good amount. I love your ‘breaking cat’ project, that put a smile on my face and I’m still enamoured with your new girl skirt, do you use it a lot?

  3. you have had a wonderful knitterly year based on all the lovely photos, may 2015 be as full of knitting!!!

  4. Lovely projects all! I especially love that gorgeous New Girl Skirt. It’s so fun to look back on this past year’s projects. Each one has their own special memories. So happy to have found your blog this year! Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful knitting in 2015.

  5. what a great list of FOs!!!!! And a great blog….so glad we found each other! I’m looking forward to be inspired by you even more in 2015.

  6. such great projects! I find that you use yarns I haven’t heard of before, so it’s been really fun to check out cool new things. And of course, your knits are spectacular! Thanks for joining the blogging world in 2014!

  7. Beautiful projects! The plans vs. zombie plants are too cute for words! I might need to make some knitted plants now!

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