x marks the spot


I’ve survived all the work deadlines and my life is slowly getting back to it’s less busy self. Which means I can pick up my knitting projects again! Despite not having any FOs to show you I did make some progress at least. But to be honest I got a bit fed up with knitting last week. I was working long days and when I got home felt pressured to knit, rather than feeling relaxed by it. I kind of have a birthday knit deadline for the Wilshire shawl, I really want to cast on something for the september sockdown, I want to start a project to tackle my cable fobia, I wanted to join in with the WIP crackaway etc. etc. This all took the fun out a bit for me so I was looking for something else to relax with until my mind was a bit more at rest.


So I decided to finally learn cross stitch in the hopes of it being as easy as I imagined it and offering me some mindless activity to wind down. I spent one evening reading some tutorials, picking out a pattern and ordering materials. Two days later I was good to go and I actually really enjoy this! The pattern I’m making is called Glia Club, and although it feels like I’m just doing something random, it’s actually starting to look like it’s supposed to. Plus it did the trick for me, it was a great distraction and I feel like I have energy to knit again 🙂

Do you sometimes feel stressed out by knitting?

12 thoughts on “x marks the spot

  1. Yes! especially if I’m on a deadline of some sort. I tend to embroider too when that happens, so glad to see you picking it up.

  2. I completely get that, I’m glad someone else occasionally feels stresse by te hobby that is normally so relaxing! Particularly when it comes to knitting deadlines. Oh cross stitch how marvellous yours looks great 🙂 I myself love cross stitching Pokemon, might have to do some this afternoon :p jenny xxx}

  3. i always find it funny that changing ‘crafts’ often locates my knitting mojo when it’s gone wandering off…..i have a recent crocheted afghan to show for it!!!!

    • It’s indeed funny how well the craft switching works, but I’m already really glad that there’s a trick to finding my knitting mojo back 😀 And amazing that you finished an entire crocheted afghan!!

  4. I get stressed out by deadlines and I tend to switch to crochet or I start reading or I bake. It usually gets my fingers itching enough so I can knit less stressed 🙂 Love the cross stitch! so cute!!

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