Triple FO post!

This is a unique post indeed, as I’m showing off not 1, not 2, but 3 finished objects! I’ve come back from my holiday, and as expected I brought far too much projects with me and didn’t exactly get home with a bag full of sweaters and shawls and socks. But still, 3 finished pairs of socks (even though two were already in progress when I left) is a very good score indeed. So without further ado and in order of finishing, here they are!

Pattern: Show-off Stranded by Anne Campbell
Yarn: Cosmic Strings Sock in the Zest colourway

Show-off stranded if one of those easy to remember free patterns that will work well in whatever yarn you throw at it. The particular skein I used had me puzzled a bit as to how it would knit up, so I decided to play it safe. Even though the yarn knits up decidedly less wild than I thought it would, and thus could’ve handled a busier pattern as well, I do like the match a lot. The only mods I made to the pattern is that I only patterned half of the leg, and put in a fish lip kiss heel instead of a heel flap. I absolutely adore the colour of these, it’s even better than I expected actually. The combination of beige, pale yellow, pale neon yellow and full on neon flecked with black works SO well.

Pattern: Girl on Fire by Cookie A
Yarn: Uschitita the Twist in Purrrfect purple and contrasting mini skein in Corn

You might remember these from a previous post, there’s a chance I might’ve been rattling on about loving the contrast between the purple and the yellow. Rightfully so I might add, this is a brilliant pair together. I should add contrasting cuffs, heels and toes to all of my socks (I shouldn’t though, there’s a time and place for everything..). I’ve knit a couple of Cookie A lace patterns so far and they never really disappoint. I think the only thing I could’ve changed is go down a needle size. Even though the lace works out just fine as it is, it could pop a bit more.

Pattern: Simple vanilla socks
Yarn: Twisted Limone self striping sock yarn in Lavender Mint

So this ball of self striping yarn was delivered by the post man the day before I left on my trip. I’ve been trying to get my hands on one of Twisted Limone’s self striping yarn for a bit now, but it seemed like every shop update sold out within the hour and I was always too slow. This time I was sitting ready for the shop update though, and within the blink of an eye I popped a skein into my check out basket. The stripes are so much fun, not only the mint-lavender combination, but also the fact that the mint is speckled. I even made an effort to make them oppositely striped, and I usually don’t bother with these sort of things. These definitely brighten up my day.

Now as this is already a very long post indeed, I’ll leave the details of my trip for another post!

12 thoughts on “Triple FO post!

  1. The purple green stripes socks are amazing! That yarn is fantastic! The patterning looks great on the first pair of socks with that colorway, just enough interest without taking away from anything.

  2. Wow, you powered right through those socks! All three are gorgeous but my favorite has got to be the mint-lavender stripes. So fun and the yarn is awesome (must check her website out!). Can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

  3. I love all three pairs! The Cookie A Purple and yellow are my favourite, those colours are awesome together.

  4. I’ve learned (the hard way, of course!) that you can never travel with TOO MUCH knitting……but I rarely (as in NEVER) have come home from a trip with 3 FOs!!! Congrats, not only on finishing so much, but finishing so many really outstanding things! Love them all!

  5. I am so impressed! I thought that when I got back from my trip, I might have knit as much as you. It turns out I had to rip back a sock… so I came back home with less knitting done than I started the trip with.

  6. Your socks constantly inspire me. Whenever I lose my mojo…I know where to go to get it back. I think those stranded beauties are in line for my next pair.

  7. I definitely have to give those first socks a try. They are AWESOME! Well, ALL of them are awesome, but I definitely favor the Show-off Stranded.

    Congrats on all the BEAUTIFUL finishes!

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