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I’m back! I’ve done something way out of my comfort zone on this trip, I don’t know if you can relate to this at all, but the prospect was quite scary to me. I’ve had horror scenarios going through my head, but I gambled and the gamble paid off. I took the risk of taking my knitting onto the plane!!!! I was so sure airport security would snap the needles in front of my eyes but they didn’t, and I managed to get it through the hand luggage check 5(!!!) times! As a result, there’s now a finished pair of socks to show for it.


In other exciting news, after waiting for 3 months my new couch arrived. So happy with the colours I needed to capture it in the FO pics. Iva isn’t all that thrilled with my knitting (as usual) but seem pretty comfy on the couch.

hermionesocksiva2 hermionesocksiva

The pattern is Hermione’s everyday socks and the yarn is Manos del Uruguay Alegria (colourway Macachines). I love the pooling of the yarn <3

I did have an amazing time in both San Diego and New York, I can’t believe how incredibly lucky I was with the weather. It was so warm in San Diego that the seals felt comfortable enough to give a yoga show, and central park was full of the most beautiful colours in the autumn sun. I couldn’t have asked for more.

yogaseal sd cp bbridge

Now first thing on the agenda after my return is an effort to save the Safran cardigan from a future in the rubbish bin. Wish me luck and hopefully I’ll be able to bring some good news about it in the next few days.

8 thoughts on “Travel & Travel Socks

  1. Just seeing a glimpse of your trip tells me that you had an amazing time. I’d love to visit both places one day. (New York didn’t work out for me this year… but maybe soon.)

  2. It looks so lovely! I hope you will share some more photos from your trip – I always enjoy them from you! Socks turned out amazing! It feel so great to do something productive during all the road time!

  3. Oh, it looks like a delightful trip! I’m so glad to year you had a great time, I really enjoyed New York when I went several years ago. The socks are so cheerful, and I love the color of your new couch!

  4. That picture of the seals sunbathing is killing me! Happy to hear that you had a fun trip. NYC is at its best during autumn. Love the colors of your socks. I’m currently knitting a pair of hermione’s and finding the pattern to be very soothing and just interesting enough to not be boring.

  5. wonderful sock souvenir from the trip!!!! (i’ve found that knitting needles are fine on airlines in the states….i’ve managed to squirrel away some wooden ones on a british flight, but i’ve had addis taken in both mexico and belgium……getting those shawls put onto a lifeline before relinquishing the needles was a real drag!!!!!) so glad your trip was wonderful!

  6. That fact that your kitties eyes and that couch match is wonderful. It made me smile!
    Whew- so glad that your needle fears did not come true. Bonus you were able to finish those beautiful socks.
    Luck being sent your way for the future of your sweater!

  7. so happy that you were able to keep your knitting. When I flew I put two different projects on crappy needles in case they took them from me. I was thrilled they left my knitting alone then sad to be knitting on crappy needles….oh well. Love your socks and LOVE your sofa!!

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