Sweater weather

Ok ok, I am aware of the fact that it is the middle of August, and it couldn’t be possible further from actual sweater weather. However, two weeks ago I was struck by an idea of pure genius (I swear), and sometimes immediate cast-ons are necessary.

I’m guessing I’m not the only one in this, but when I first started knitting I wanted to knit all the things, and with it came buying all the yarn to knit all the things. Actually, not much has changed in that respect, but the learning curve when you start knitting is incredibly steep. This means that I outgrew many of those projects within no time. This has left me with odd quantities of yarn, some of dubious quality.

One of these projects was a pair of leg warmers in a simple spiral rib pattern, that I grew bored with even before finishing the first leg warmer. The yarn I was using was a dark grey Cascade yarn 220, and I had precisely two skeins. What to do with two skeins of dark grey yarn? The leg warmers were frogged, and the yarn was forgotten.

Lately I’ve been feeling the urge however to dig up these forgotten about yarns and try to use them. The genius idea for me was the moment that I realised that I could increase the amount of skeins. Really, this is a perfectly fine yarn for a nice and durable sweater, why not make one? Plus, I had just come across the most perfect pattern for it. I purchased a couple of additional skeins, which doesn’t even count as stash enhancement, because it’s using up my very old stash (right???).

And from this the beginning of the Ondawa sweater was born. I think what I used to see as bland and boring grey is actually perfect for such a busy cable pattern. Also, for some reason I had forgotten about these adorable stitch markers, so despite it being August I am immensely enjoying this project. And who knows, maybe it’s done once the cold weather arrives.

And of course I always have a pair of socks on the needles, in fact I already finished half of a new pair! This pair is made from Stranded Dyeworks Oasis in a new colourway (balloon) and the pattern I’m using is Dreamweaver. This is the perfect pair project to the sweater, which is knit over 6 separate cable charts, because the sock pattern is super easy to memorise.

And as a bonus to this weeks post I wanted to share some pictures of why all of my knitting always has an extra insulation layer of cat hair. Actually, everything in my house is covered in a layer of cat hair.. But despite that, whenever I get the camera out for knitting pics, Iva comes running and will try to sit on my knitting. One day I’ll publish a photo book that is just pictures of Iva photo-bombing all my knitting photography..

14 thoughts on “Sweater weather

  1. I think summer is the perfect time to work on a sweater. It gives us all the best chance to be able to wear the sweater when the weather turns. Plus, blocking a sweater in hot weather is quite gratifying.

    I really like your new sock too. I’ve not trying Stranded Dyeworks before, but I keep eyeing it.

    • Agreed, if I keep up my progress this will be done before winter arrives and it’ll make me so happy then! And you should really give Stranded Dyeworks a try, I’m so in love with all the colours <3

  2. Beautiful knitting and beautiful cat! I also enjoy knitting, including socks, and I love cats. I have two.

  3. What a beautiful cat! Those oh-so-blue eyes!

    (Someday I hope to have a cat again…after the DIL (allergic to cats), son & high energy dog – who is busily shedding his undercoat – move…likely to be a while, she is starting her second year of grad school…)

    Love the texture on the sweater, I will look forward to seeing it completed!

    • Oh yes, maybe now isn’t the perfect time to have a cat then, but you’ll have one again some day! Just so you know, allergies are also an issue for me, which is why I have two hypoallergenic cats (siberians).

  4. i have that extra layer of dog hair….Freddy does exactly the same thing. Sees the camera….and will even wake from a nap to get in the picture!

  5. I love knitting sweaters in August, because I know I’ll have plenty of time to wear them as soon as the cold weather comes in! I love the grey you’re using for your Ondawa, it really is perfect for those cables 🙂

  6. Excellent thinking on the (de)stashing front! The cables are looking nice, looking forward to seeing the whole sweater.

    My cat tells me to say hi to Iva, they would be great friends. She likes to get her paws on my knitting any time, but when the camera is out, it’s irresistible for her 😉

  7. August is my favorite time to dream & plan sweaters for the cooler days ahead. Using stash yarn makes the sweater knitting even more satisfying. Love how your Ondawa is progressing in grey. Gorgeous sock too! I am definitely adding the pattern to my ever growing sock list. Iva should be in knitting magazines because she knows how to purrfectly show off the handknits 🙂

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