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Hello lovely people, I hope you are all doing well. I’ve been going through an exceptionally busy period, followed last week with a miserable week in which I was pretty sick. Altogether this left me with a feeling of having neglected my knitting, so I decided to take stock of where my projects are at.

Since my last blog post I actually cast on a new shawl. This is a sample knit for Amy, who is the mastermind behind Stranded Dyeworks. The pattern is called Cosmic Wonder, and it’s actually my first time working brioche stitch. And I totally get the hype now! It’s so simple, yet more interesting than stockinette or garter stitch. And the fabric it creates is. so. freaking. squishy!! Especially combined with the intermingled garter sections, this is making for one squishy, soft, and lovely shawl. It’s also very fun to have two different sides to the shawl. I’m now working (and nearly finishing) section 5 out of 6, so I guess I’ve been making more progress than I thought after all.

I’m also still working on my Ondawa sweater, for which I nearly finished the back panel. Meaning, I’ll be entering sleeve-land in the near future, which is getting me very excited. Because it actually means I’ll have a finished sweater soon! Yay!! I also received my copy of Woods – making stories in the mail last week, which is giving me inspiration for at least 3 new sweater cast ons. If you have not pre-ordered this book yet, I can wholeheartedly recommend it. Not only are the patterns stunning, but the photography and print of the book is gorgeous as well.

My least progress has been on my sock WIPs, but I did finish one vanilla sock that I’m making out of a Mermaid yarnery sockblank, and sock number 2 is already well under way.

How is your knitting going this season?

6 thoughts on “Stitching on

  1. YUM that sock blank makes me want some cotton candy. So many people doing speckles now and they all look so different.

    I love your brioche. I don’t know brioche either, but someday I will conquer it because the squish factor is worth it. Haha

    Have a good week!

  2. Those socks make me weak in the knees. I love them to bits. What fun colors in that blank.
    Your sample knit is stunning. I have yet to try brioche and after seeing this I really need to.

  3. You always have the loveliest knits! That shawl looks so squishy and cozy, and the colors in your socks are absolutely divine!

  4. You know, I’ve not really knit brioche. It’s not because I’m intimidated…. I just haven’t run into a pattern I want to knit that has it. I have heard that it is quite squishy, which makes me think I’ll love it.

    I can’t wait to see your finished sweater. It looks so lovely already.

  5. heeey thanks for the reminder about woods! I had completely forgotten about it! I placed my order and I can’t wait to leaf through it <3 and well.. you know.. it happens 😛 sometimes life gets in the way of knitting 😉 welcome back!

  6. Love how your Cosmic Wonder is knitting up. The brioche section looks amazing in those colors. I love brioche knitting but still find it intimidating to fix mistakes. But practice makes perfect and I vow to knit an Askews Me Shawl sometime in the near future.

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