Even more spring socks


Finishing a pair of spring-like socks totally entitles me to cast on a new pair of spring-like socks. Remember the prettiest graffiti inspired sock yarn I bought a while ago? I could no longer resist it and wanted to see how it would knit up so badly.

I was looking for the perfect pattern that would show off the yarn without it being too boring. And I think I hit the pattern jackpot with this one. The pattern I’m using is called Prairie Spring. It has the nice twisting slipped stitches on the leg and still some stockinette on the foot, so there’s plenty of room to admire those beautiful specks of colour. And I’m so freaking in love with this yarn. It’s soft, yet sturdy, it’s colourful but not murder on the eyes. I’m confident I’m going to love love love these socks.

prairiespring4 prairiespring3


17 thoughts on “Even more spring socks

  1. I am in love. I want these socks so badly. I will now immediately copy you because I need this in my life! These are gorgeous and you really did hit the jackpot with this combo. Excuse me while I go buy some splatter yarn of my own (I was just waiting for an excuse to buy some for myself anyway).

  2. The yarn and pattern are a perfect match! I might’ve checked the spun right round shop and I might’ve put the grafiti yarn on my Christmas wishlist… whoops. Reading blogs can be an expensive hobby 😀

  3. wow, that is so gorgeous! you found a perfect sock pattern for that beautiful yarn! Absolutely love this.

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