Plants vs Zombies

Phew!! Finally finished this project! The plan was to knit this for a friend’s birthday and I ordered the yarn way in advance (almost 2 months). I figured that would be more than enough time to knit a couple of small plants but the project turned out to be a bit more elaborate than I anticipated. But here it finally is, all done (and still in time luckily)!

First of all I’d like go give major thanks to the designer of the Botanical Creatures vs. The Undead pattern and making it available for free. It is such a fun pattern 🙂 I highly recommend everyone to give it a try, especially if you’re a plants vs zombies enthousiast.

The yarn I used for this is Schachenmayr Catania which is 100% cotton and available in so many lovely colours. The plants do stay up by themselves but I thought it’d be a cute touch to put them in pots. So I bought some small pots, put in some foam (the kind you get for flower arrangements) and put a metal wire through the plants to keep them in place. As for the pattern, these guys are pretty easy to make! Leafs, stems and heads are knit separately and attached in the end. Required knitting skills are knitting in the round and some basic stitches (k, p, kfb, k2tog and yo).  Add some stuffing and eyes et voilà!

I’m always in for goofy amigurumi knits. It’s probably time to learn to crochet properly 😀 Now hopefully the recipient will be happy with them. I’m mostly happy that all this work is done and that it came out so cute.

2 thoughts on “Plants vs Zombies

  1. Hi, I have just finished the pea shooter, my son loves it. Its my first time knitting on double pointed needles so I was quite pleased with this. He wants me to knit the sunflower but Im a bit stumped on the start. It says to cast on 40 stitches and knit in the roung. Is this in 3 or 4 kneedles. Sorry if i sound stupid but this type of knitting is new to me.

    • Hi Elaine, it’s a very understandable question!
      In this case the 40 cast on stitches are for the petal parts. It doesn’t matter so much whether you knit this on 3 or 4 double pointed needles! Both will work just fine, but maybe you find for example 3 more convenient because there are less needles floating around.

      I found knitting in the round on double pointed needles really complicated in the beginning, so great job on already finishing a pea shooter 🙂

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