Painting the town

I’m happily knitting along on my Paint the town scarf, even though it’s one of those project that makes you feel like you can knit stockinette for hours without seeing length being added. Having started the second colour has helped though, and I am feeling more and more that ripping the previous shawl I was making with the yarn was the right decision.

The little yellow flecks in the white yarn are making me happy, as is the current lovely spring weather. Outdoor knit pics, yay!!

Also the name of the pattern seems appropriate, as I was visiting Vienna last week. It is a truly magnificent city with buildings that are colourful on both the inside..


and the outside..

Leave it to me though to have a sixth sense for finding a yarn store! We walked into this street and as my friend was admiring the church, my yarn senses started tingling.

And sure enough, there it is! A yarn store!!

And no, I did not leave empty handed 🙂

6 thoughts on “Painting the town

  1. The scarf is becoming marvellous, you knit so beautifully and neatly.
    Lovely about the flecks in the white, I like that.
    And funny to read about finding the yarn store in Vienna 🙂
    Have fun with that beautiful skein!

  2. I am greatly impressed by your yarn store finding skills. I think you have attained a master level in that!

    Your shawl looks like it coming out great. Sometime when I’m knitting miles of stockinette, I like to attach a marker where I started so I can see how much progress I’ve made in a day.

  3. Heh- you have mad skills being able to sense a yarn store. I may need to borrow that skill. You did come home with a beauty.
    Your shawl…oh my how beautiful.

  4. Love the colors that you are knitting the shawl with! Vienna is one of my dream cities to visit someday. So awesome that you found a yarn store so serendipitously! There’s nothing like souvenir yarn to top off a great trip.

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