One stitch at a time

Summer is truly and fully here, and its arrival has brought many feeling along with it. The week before last I was in Greece for a summer school (which was very lovely and inspiring), but coming back has catapulted me into PhD related stress. There’s a sudden realisation of time ticking away. Where did the last 4 years go really?

I’m trying to keep calm and take things one day at a time. This weekend I calmed myself down a little, by taking deep breaths and doing what works best, knitting. My projects are progressing one stitch at a time, and I’m enjoying the process. The rhythm. The mindlessness.

I’m working on a mint green shawl for which I finished a textured section and am now working a cable section. With well over 350 stitches on the needle there’s nothing fast about this.

I’ve also finished a sock that pretty literally puts hearts in my eyes. The only problem? The pattern across the leg is way too tight and it’s a massive struggle to get them on. They’ll be frogged either way. Then I’ll either make the back stockinette or maybe I’ll go for a new pattern entirely. Who knows, I’m definitely not worrying about it.

I’m simply taking my knitting one stitch at a time, while I will finish my thesis one day at a time.

7 thoughts on “One stitch at a time

  1. Love those socks too!!! The sweet colours!! Too bad that they don’t fit well…
    I also understand your need to calm down. I crochet to ease my mind, but knitting is even better because I’m a very slow knitter 🙂
    Take care, Sigrid

  2. let me try to leave a comment again. It was raining so hard we lost our connection. I too have a pair of too tight socks. Im waiting for someone with oddly skinny feet say triple AAA to want them! I knit to calm my self. As long as I dont make a mistake it works!

  3. I was wondering about the stitch on the leg, I love the colors though! Too bad you have to rip out but at least you’ll get the fit you want.

  4. It’s funny how thinking about the past and future can be so stressful, but if we stay in the present, everything seems alright and manageable.

    I’m sorry that you have to rip out that sock, but it sounds like your love the yarn, so it might not be such a chore after all.

  5. no other way to live life….one day at a time, one stitch at a time, one PhD at a time!!! You can only eat that elephant…one bite at a time. Lovely projects on the needles and off. Bummer about the socks….but that IS a pretty pattern. Wondering if they would fit better if you went up a couple needle sizes on just the leg part? In any event….you just found more knitting with some mighty pretty yarn.

  6. The minty green is so summery and lovely. Beautiful progress so far. It’s a shame about the socks! I love the stitch pattern which works so well with the awesome yarn. Taking it one stitch/day at a time is a wise philosophy! Looking too far ahead is stressful.

  7. Oh, so sorry you have to frog the sock – it looks so lovely. Maybe you don’t have to wear it, but just look at it will be good enough 🙂

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