On knitting whilst melting

I don’t know how the weather is treating you in your corner of this world this last week of August, but here in the Netherlands we’re dealing with a heat wave. Probably a joy for many, but I prefer my temperatures cooler, a LOT cooler actually. So my week was mostly spend trying to move as little as possible. But as I just finished a wave of FOs, I couldn’t deny myself the pleasure of some new cast ons just because it wasn’t exactly knit weather.


See, ever since I was researching the post for sock patterns that were ideal for speckled yarn I’ve been itching to cast on all of those patterns. When I then won a skein of speckled yarn in an instagram giveaway by Cosmic Strings and the beauty arrived with the mail, a cast on was no longer preventable. DandySocks3  So the yarn was caked, and I cast on a pair of Fine and Dandy socks (love that pattern name btw). I’m adoring the blush undertone with the more bold speckles. I’m not even complaining that it’s a toe-up pattern (….yet).

I’m on a pretty good sock knitting spree right now, with already 5 pairs cast off this summer (Pixel socks, Spring Fern socks, the grellow knee socks and 2 vanilla pairs yet to be washed and photographed). But I felt like some variation was in order by now, so how about a shawl?

LuneShawl3 HFyarn

This is some very delicious hedgehog fibres sock yarn, one charcoal skein and a white one with subtle yellow speckles (back to the grellow I guess). The darker skein looks a bit more blue in these pictures than it actually is, but the semi-solidness in which it is knitting up is stunning. I figure the yellow specks will really get their time to shine once I get to the lace border. The pattern I’m using is called Clair de Lune. Can you tell I ran out of stitch markers btw? I swear those things get stolen by little elfs during the night!!! (or more like I probably packed them in some illogical place during the move and in 5 years or so I’ll find them and feel slightly embarrassed about this comment)

Oh yeah and I also knit a bomb.. because you know, that happens. My sister last minute asked me to make a blue bomb for a Link cosplay she was doing, and well, I couldn’t resist the last minute request. This thing knits up in no time, pattern can be found here.


So how is your summer knitting going? Or is it more like one big countdown until autumn arrives?

10 thoughts on “On knitting whilst melting

  1. my goodness… I can’t believe I’m not the only one still knitting hahaha.. this heatwave amirite?! 😛 I LOVEEE your sockyarn! and also: thank you so much for the nerdgasm! LINK BOMB! <3

  2. Like you, I much prefer cooler temperatures. All I ask is that it remains sunny, but I really can’t deal with heat. It will get a bit warmer again over here and I am so glad I have a few days off to hide from the weather.

    Despite the temperatures, I have been knitting my shawl and am nearly done. Just half a chart left to go!

  3. Some lovely projects again, respect for knitting in this weather!! I hope the heatwave will be over tomorrow, that’s what the forecast says here in Belgium. We’ve had some thunder and a bit of a storm last night, but it’s still too hot for my liking! Sending cooling thoughts your way!

  4. Sorry to hear that your are melting along with us here in the states. This Summer has proved to be brutal to many.
    I doubt I would have been able to resist that beautiful sock yarn for much longer as well. I think I need it very much. 🙂

  5. Five pairs of socks this summer?! I don’t think I’ve managed that many from this whole year. Good for you! When the heat finally subsides and winter comes again, you’ll have some very warm feet.

  6. you have taken the concept of yarn bombing to new heights!!! Love it!!! So sorry you’ve been suffering in this heat, too. I guess I was hoping that the knitting gods were smiling on you all across the pond from us. Don’t get me wrong….I knit through it all; just complained a whole lot, but then, that’s what weather is for, right? Love the socks….that pattern is PERFECT for speckled yarn. (but eewwwww….toe up? really? ugh.)

  7. I just knit with hedgehog fibres and LOVED it immensely. I adore your speckled yarns and I love that you found a sock pattern to showcase the speckledness. Gorgeous knitting. Sorry about being hot, it’s hot here too and I’m tired of it.

  8. I am sorry you’ve been weather suffering 🙂 Personally I love heat and will take it over cool days anytime! Your knitting is inspiring and this knit yarn bomb is perfection!

  9. I’m with you on the topic of heatwaves! We’ve had a break of, what, one day? And now it’s back to heatwave again. I hope it’ll really be over soon.

    I love the projects you’re working on! And don’t forget, mischievous elves like to target the times where you’re likely to blame yourself, so don’t let them off the hook just yet…. 😉

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