Lo and behold!


I might be mistaken here, but this looks an awful lot like a cable project.. You might remember from an earlier knitting confession that I have a crippling fear of knitting cables (slight exaggeration here), and I’ve decided to treat myself with full on exposure therapy (very irresponsible, do not try this at home children!).

Pattern: Tiller by Julie Hoover
Yarn: Rowan Silky Tweed in mardigras (unfortunately discontinued 🙁 )


And I am enjoying this project SO much. In the first place because I cannot even remember the last straight scarf that I’ve knit. It must’ve been in the beginning days of my knitting, back when I was proud to even hold a needle at all and marvelled at acrylic yarns in offensive variegated colours. But it is so calming to just do pattern repeats until you run out of yarn, not having to worry about shaping or heels or whatnot.


For now I’m still working with a cable needle, which isn’t annoying me as much as I thought it would. I like how the yarn is working up with this pattern and I imagine this is going to be a super comfy and warm scarf to help me through the winter. Also this has given me the confidence to set myself the goal to knit a full on cable fest of a sweater in 2015. Yay knitting!


17 thoughts on “Lo and behold!

  1. I’m so glad you like cables now! What sweater are you planning on knitting? I live in my beatnik all winter long. Such a lovely pattern and great cables too.

  2. and cables really really get to the stage of ‘fun’ knitting when you ditch the cable needle! This would be the perfect project to give it a try!! (you can do it!!! I know you can!!!!!!!)

  3. I love this pattern, what gorgeous cabling! The yarn really compliments the work as well. Glad your ‘full exposure’ therapy has helped you overcome your fear 😛

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