Let the pompom speak

A couple of months ago I came across the most fantabulous pompoms on Etsy and couldn’t resist impulse buying them (to be found here). They are everything fluffy unicorn dreams are made of, and I knew immediately there was no way my knitting could ever upstage them. I also knew that one of these pompoms would lend itself perfectly as a gift to one of my friends, which is how I ended up making this cute little hat.

Pattern: Frais by Alicia Plummer
Yarn: Malabrigo Arroyo in the ‘natural’ colourway

I kept both the pattern and yarn as simple as possible, but obviously without ending up knitting a boring hat. The neatly folded rim combined with the eye-of-the-partridge stitch running across the head made for interesting, yet very quick and simple knitting.

It is of course the pompom that does all of the talking in this hat. It.is.so.pretty!

And luckily for me I have another one in my stash, waiting patiently for me to make a decision on matching yarn + pattern. I’m trying to find a yarn that is a bit wilder in terms of colours, but that will still combine nicely with all the colours in the pompom. To be continued..

6 thoughts on “Let the pompom speak

  1. I’ve only seen the eye of partridge stitch used on sock heels. It looks delightful on the hat. I may have to find new places to use that stitch.

    And that pom pom. It’s just magic.

  2. I’m not typically a fan of pompons, but this combo might make me change my mind, it sure looks fantastic !

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