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Hello lovely people, I hope you are having a relaxing Easter holiday. For me Easter mainly means a long weekend, which I’ve been trying to use as relaxation time. I also figured it was a good opportunity to take stock of my knitting. For some reason I feel like it’s been ages since my last FO, when in fact it’s only been 1 month. One obvious reason though is how spread out my knitting currently is.

Last week, seemingly out of nowhere, I got bitten by the hexipuffs bug again. I started the Beekeeper’s quilt in 2014 (oh my..) and don’t have all that much to show for it, with only occasional bursts of hexipuff knitting. In the meantime I’ve hoarded up a semi impressive stash of left-over sock yarn and I was feeling the urge to start knitting scrap yarn socks. It didn’t feel quite fair though, knowing this quilt was hopelessly waiting to be finished. So in just a couple of days I managed to add 18 new hexipuffs to the collection.

This brings the total amount to a not so super impressive 54.. Which doesn’t sound all THAT bad, but put together it would barely fit my two cats comfortably (granted, they are a bit on the larger side..). So I’m still nowhere near finishing this project, but at least I already feel good that it’s not completely neglected anymore.

I’ve also been working on the Paint the Town scarf, which I think is now getting decently scarf sized. Plus, I finally decided on my third colour! Initially I was going for a lovely purple, but I don’t think it would really work with colour nr. 1 at all. So this greenish/turquoise is a much better fit (and happens to be one of my favourite colours). Still a couple of more cm’s of the white with yellow speckles to go though before I can start striping in the green.

Aaaand that’s not all! I’ve also finally started working on my Wheatly socks again. The first sock was finished super fast, but then had to be lonely for a while. Now sock number two is finally under construction. I’m ready to start the heel flap and this pair should be finished in no time.

How is your knitting going currently? Are you super focused or also a little all over the place?

4 thoughts on “Knitting here and there

  1. I’m a little all over the place. I keep hoping that I could stick with one pair of socks and finish them, but for some reason, all three pairs are progressing at the same rate. I don’t know about you, but I’d like the spread out that knitter’s high of finishing a project rather than have all three pairs done at once.

  2. The Beekeeper’s Quilt is such a never ending project! I am taking a break from it again, but I do have some yarn for the next lot. Last year I ran out of scraps, but then I bought an Advent Calendar with wool so now I have loads again. Will we ever finish?

  3. Definitely fall into the all over the place category. 🙂
    Oh those hexis are gorgeous. Yes, there is a great feeling when you pick up a languishing project.
    Of course my eyes immediately went to those lovely socks. Your sock always inspire me.

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