Indulging in autumn cast-ons


I stuck to my goal of only knitting on WIPs in October, but my period of self-restraint has ended, and I’m indulging in casting on some new projects. I’m also joining in with the My Sister’s Knitter My Fall KAL. For now I’m keeping it down to 2 new projects, one mindless and one thoughtful. Grady3

For the ‘easy’ project I’m knitting a shawl with my Wollelfe gradient yarn. The pattern is called Grady and I love working on this shawl, it’s very rewarding to knit towards a new colour this way. Little fluffy Iva agrees this project is a hit, she certainly likes sitting on it. Oh the challenges of taking knitting pics with a cat around.. I did manage to shoo her off for long enough to take pictures, and she kindly posed with the yarn.

Iva_Grady Grady1

Last week my first ever issue of Pom Pom magazine founds its way to my house. I had to wait until the weekend to find some time to appreciate it fully, but what a great decision getting a subscription to this was. If you haven’t seen the featured patterns yet, do have a look on Ravelry. I feel like knitting all of them, but Cicely is definitely speaking to me the most. Getting some yarn for this has just moved to the top of my birthday wishlist.


The little green gauge swatch still needs a wash and a block, but I’m hoping to cast on the Lorem Ipsum cardigan next week as my more thought requiring project. Giving the unusual warm weather we’re currently experiencing in the Netherlands, this lightweight cropped cardigan felt appropriate. The weather for having heavy warm sweaters in progress on your lap is not quite there yet.

15 thoughts on “Indulging in autumn cast-ons

  1. Beautiful progress on your shawl. It has me memorized. Now the fact that your beautiful cats eyes match it…is utterly brilliant.
    Thank you so much for joining in on the KAL. You provide so much inspiration!

  2. Oh I am so happy you are joining the KAL! Your projects are always so beautiful and inspiring! This yarn is so gorgeous! And your kitty is adorable! She should definitely be in your FO photos!!

  3. I just spent a lovely time reading through my winter pompom mag. Such lovely patterns in this one. Also loved the comic strip.
    Can’t wait to see your Grady progress with this lovely blue gradient. Looks like a very soothing project!

  4. i do envy your restraint!! Just two projects??? Of course, I love both of them, so I suppose I could be quite happy living with just two! Enjoy the journey!!!

  5. Fluffy Iva is wonderful!!! But your knitting is also great! Love the colour and I admire you for your knitting talent. I’m so slow when it comes to knitting… I’d rather crochet. But I do find your projects so beautiful!

  6. That is such a great color gradient! And it matches Iva so well 🙂 I love the green you’ve picked out for your cardigan as well-we’re having unusually warm weather out here too, so I’m definitely having trouble getting into winter-knits mode 🙂

  7. Two new projects is very disciplined. It looks like you have made great progress with Grady. Perhaps you’ll be able to cast on a new thing soon, too!

  8. I am loving the yarn and I think I might just have to get that precise colourway, too. I can never decide! I recently had a look through Wollelfe’s shop and there is just too much choice. Not a bad thing, though.

    The shawl has an interesting construction and its simplicity appeals to me. Great for your choice of yarn.

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