Holiday knits

I’m currently enjoying a 1,5 weeks trip to Slovenia, which despite lots of rainy weather, has so far been a very pleasurable experience. The biggest challenge of the trip so far was limited luggage, which also meant I needed to have a big think about what knitting to bring.

I ended up packing two skeins of sock yarn with some needles, the first skein of which (sock yarn by Artemis yarn) has by now been cast on as the Fade X Sox pattern by Leeni Hoi.

As you might notice, I am not fading these at all. However, I figured it would also work really well with this sort of variegated yarn. I’m really loving the look of these and they’re honestly flying off the needles, as I have just cast off sock nr 1.

Right before setting off I also cast on a sweater pattern, which has proven to be equally addictive. I’m using some very subtly speckled DK merino yarn by Snailyarn and am knitting the gran crown pattern by Dora Creadora. I honestly wish I could have everyone squish this sweater, because the texture it is creating both looks and feels ah-mazing.

As a pattern that I mostly brought out of wishful thinking is the Summer Rain shawl by Veera Välimäki, which I’m knitting out of yarn by Viking yarns. I cast this shawl on the very first day I moved to Paris and found myself in desperate need for endless garter stitch. Suffice to say that need has passed and this project has been lingering. I still think it’s going to make a lovely and wearable shawl, but garter stitch over hundreds of stitches with still many many many rows to come isn’t exactly motivating me.

And that’s it! I think it’s more than enough to still keep me busy for the rest of the trip, even if it doesn’t sound like all that much. What sort of knitting projects to you like do take with you on holidays?

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