FO: Vinnland socks

Pattern: Vinnland by Becca Compton
Yarn: Spun Right Round Superwash Sock 80/20 in colourway Martian Got Moves

I’m back in the sock knitting game with finally another pair added to my collection 😀 I know I sounded particularly grumpy about the toe up construction in the last post, but I got over myself and after initial grumpiness about the toe it was smooth sailing to be honest.


Somehow the toe instructions in the pattern confused me a bit, so I simply went with this Knitty tutorial for short row toes, only to later find out the designer also made a tutorial especially for the pattern (woops). Anyway, the pattern after that is really simple to follow. With a 16 row repeat it is a bit too long to fully memorise, but after 2 repeats I just needed to glance at the next row and I knew what would follow.

I used the Fish Lips Kiss heel, which already gave me a good fit in some of my other socks and again I have no complaints (this pattern is really worth the investment if you’re a frequent sock knitter, especially if you occasionally struggle with holes at the sides of your heels). I cast off using this version of Jenny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off. The rest of my pattern notes can be found on the Ravelry project page.

And do I still need to say anything about the yarn? I already raved about the great colour last week, and gushed about how much I loved working with it when I made my Prairie Spring socks. I think it suffices to say that my love for this yarn remains unchanged. And luckily for me I have another skein lying around that I got gifted for Christmas!


And I’ve kind of already cast on a new project, I’ll just leave it with this picture of a pile of old pink garter stitch, soon more!

PS: I’ve done a tiny website update, in case you’re wondering what the floaty black square is that is following you around, it’s a menu bar. So far it can take you to an About Me section, the main section of the blog or a list of Blogs I love. If you find any mistakes or missing blogs in the list please let me know! My internet kept crashing while I was linking everything, making me redo the list a gazzilion times and sometimes not noticing the things I lost. I alphabetised the list, and yes I spend an entire evening singing the alphabet in order to do so. I’m also working on an FO gallery that links to the blog, but this requires me organising all my pictures, so don’t hold your breath 😉


16 thoughts on “FO: Vinnland socks

  1. <3 the new socks!! A perfect addition to your collection 🙂 Can't wait to see the lovely pink garter stitch develop! I do love a good amount of squishy garter stitch…speaking of, maybe I should go cast on something in squishy garter stitch 🙂

  2. Those have to be some of the prettiest socks I’ve ever seen. You always pick out some beautiful patterns. I just go around waiting for you to talk about what socks you are doing next and just add them to my queue because I know they will be great. Like your Prairie Spring socks I want to immediately copy you and cast on a pair of these for myself. Beautiful knitting. 🙂

  3. Your socks are amazing! Just now as I’ve ended the sock challenge, I was kinda glad for not knitting another pair of socks any time soon…until of course, I saw this blog post! The yarn also fits the pattern so well!

  4. wonderful socks….love the pattern and yarn choice!! oh, that pesky toe-up. I have a single sock finished waiting for its mate (Brandy’s pattern…I love it, but….toe up!!! yech!) I’m going to have to put on my big girl panties and just do it. You are so right…once going, the patterns are totally fine.

  5. OH MAN THESE are beautiful! Seriously these are awesome, and i am in awe of the colour of yarn you have used to cast on the shawl, it’s all s gorgous. And thanks for pointing out the black sqaure, I made appreciatve noises when I clicked on it 🙂 I need to up my sock game majorly, only ever made a few pairs of the easiest pattern ever – jenny xx

  6. Vinnland and Martian Got Moves were just made to be together.

    I had a look at that previous post that you linked to that has your Christmas yarn. When are you going to cast on Bug Jar? I’d love to see how that knits up.

  7. Hurray for finished socks! I’m feeling the sock knitting bug again, too. Yours turned out beautifully.

    I just ordered a set of sock blockers, so this is serious business! 😉

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