FO: Tegna sweater

This little sweater has been all summer in the making, with a little knitting here and there. I’m pretty sure I finished all the knitting well over a month ago, but was too lazy to weave in the ends. To be fair, it was so incredibly hot I wouldn’t have worn it anyway. But now with the start of what appears to be an absolutely perfect autumn, I’m going to say the finishing time of this top is absolutely perfect.

Pattern: Tegna by Caitlin Hunter
Yarn: La Bien Aimee Tough Sock in the Yellow Brick Road colourway

One of the very first things I did after moving to Paris was pay a visit to the La Bien Aimee store, which is where I picked up the 2 skeins of yarn necessary for this top. At that time I might have been the absolute last knitter on earth that hadn’t knit a Tegna yet, so it was an obvious choice. It’s an easy and satisfying pattern that I would most definitely recommend!

I’m going to tell you one little secret about this top, which is that I nearly frogged it after it was blocked. I was having such a bad day and was feeling all sorts of bad about myself when I tried it on for the first time. In my mind this thing was hideous and unflattering and I just wanted to rip it out right there and then. I was feeling ugly, like a failed knitter, and in my mind this top was the culmination of all of that. I didn’t frog it, thankfully, and now wearing it I actually feel fantastic in this top. Just goes to show what kind of mean tricks your mind can play on you. I’m not sure what the take home message from this should be but I do want to tell you this; be kind to yourself. Give yourself a break. And let knitting be a positive light in this world that is all sorts of messed up right now. Oh, and never frog a knit in the heat of the moment!

9 thoughts on “FO: Tegna sweater

  1. Hi Tahnee,
    Just wanted to say that this Tegna looks perfect on you ♥
    I’m not unfamiliar with what a dark mood can do to your mind, and you’re not wrong, the world outside isn’t making it any easier.

    The La Bien Aimee goes great with this pattern – gives the sweater a lot of depth and detail.
    Hope you’re settling in well in Paris,


  2. One of my favorite messages : Be kind to yourself.
    Your Tegna looks absolutely perfect on you, love. I wish I pull off that gorgeous shade of yellow.

  3. Beautiful and I love the color. I used to be able to wear yellow when I was young but now it looks odd on me. Which is too bad because yellow makes me so happy! Nothing better on a gloomy day. ?

  4. You should be very proud of the work you did on your Tegna, it is beautiful and looks like a perfect fit. Thank you for telling us to be kind to ourselves and you do the same.

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