FO: Spring Fern Socks

Cast on over 4 months ago I finally finished my Spring Fern socks!

Pattern: Spring Fern by Susan Lutsky
Yarn: Snail Yarn sock yarn in Wildflowers colourway

SpringFern5 SpringFern4

When I first cast these on quite a few people remarked that the socks were knitting up a lot greener than the caked up yarn would suggest. In the end it did turn out the second part of the skein was a bit more wildflower than the first and each sock has a slightly different colour accent. I’m never a stickler for identical socks so I love this a lot!

SpringFern3 SpringFern2

I’ve already raved a lot about this yarn but I really can’t say enough positive things. I mean just look at those colours! The way this is dyed up is really a piece of art. Luckily for me I have another Snail Yarn skein waiting for me in my stash to get working with.


The pattern is perfect if you are looking for a pretty lace sock pattern with an easy to memorise repeat.  At first I was a little unsure about the combination between yarn and pattern but I think the combination works pretty nicely.


20 thoughts on “FO: Spring Fern Socks

  1. A fab FO, and I also think the yarn works very well with this pattern. The first socks I ever knitted were similarly lacy ones and they are great to knit because the patterns are easy to memorise and the final result is always stunning. I should get back to lace socks again sometime, I miss those.

  2. They are beautiful! The slightly different colours are amazing.
    Also they just solved my problem, what socks to do next. Love those and couln not even wait until tomorrow to cast them on!

  3. Hi. I come to you via My Sister’s Knitter.
    What a lovely pattern. I’m often hesitant to use multi-colored yarn with lace, but this combination worked out well.

  4. Gorgeous! That colourway is so pretty and pairs perfectly with the lace pattern. And can I just say that you take the BEST sock pictures! Total eye candy 🙂

  5. those are beautiful!! I love the subtle colours, they are like a Monet painting. And the lace seems perfect for summer.

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