FO: Saffran cardigan

Finally I can share the news that the little Saffran cardigan has been saved and gifted! You might have read my traumatising first experience with steeking which required me to do some serious sweater surgery. But I’m so happy to say the cardigan didn’t unravel and is wearable.

Pattern: Saffran cardigan
Yarn: Drops Karisma

After it turned out the yarn was too slippery for steeking and it looked as if everything would unravel, I decided that asking my grandmother to run the sewing machine over the loose stitches might be the safest option. She helped me out and indeed the stitches couldn’t move at all anymore, which was a big relief. After the sewing it left the edges a bit wobbly and my mom was kind enough to help with sewing the stitches into the cardigan (what a family effort it was). In the end all of this sewing didn’t exactly leave the inside with a neat finish though. I’ll show you a picture because I love you guys and I’m an honest knitter. But there’s nothing inspiring about it.

The thing is though that;
1) in knitting it’s actually the outside that matters, and these edges don’t mean the cardigan has a horrible personality.
2) I totally ran out of time to do this (the buttons were sewn on only shortly before I left to my friend who this was meant for) but simply sewing a ribbon over it will cover all of the Frankenstein-ish appearance.
3) as I say with all the knitting mistakes I make: it’s a design feature that makes it unique!!

So there you have it. And what matters most is that my friend loved the things I knit for her baby (this cardi + the Teddy sweater) and that the baby is super adorable and I finally got to meet the sweet girl.

Speaking of sweet girls, my own family has also grown a little, meet Sibbe, the cross eyed Siberian who is the new friend of Iva. Isn’t she cute?

The two aren’t exactly friends yet, but Sibbe has only been living with us for a week so I’m sure time will sort that out 🙂 Oh and just because here’s a pic of Iva in a Santa hat.


8 thoughts on “FO: Saffran cardigan

  1. Such beautiful photos of the cats!! Gorgeous! And the cardigan turned out great, you’re right about that the outside matters, but I understand your desire to make it perfect!

    • They are! That’s the reason I got them 🙂 I used to have a European short hair but became horribly allergic after a couple of years. After he passed away I decided I still wanted to have cats despite the allergy and this seems to be working really well!

  2. The sweater looks marvelous. I’m glad to see you stuck it out and finished.

    And I don’t know how you got Iva to sit still long enough to get a picture of her in a hat. Scooter has no tolerance for hats. I guess he is aware that we think he looks silly.

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