FO: Prairie Spring socks

This is what monogamous knitting will apparently get you, a relatively fast FO! Although it still took me 3 weeks, which isn’t exactly a sock knitting record.

Pattern: Prairie Spring
Yarn: Spun Right Round Superwash Sock 80/20 in Graffiti Overlay (you can find my pictures of the yarn here)

SpringPrairie6 SpringPrairie5

I don’t think I have enough words to express how happy I am with this yarn, there’s not a single negative thing I could say about it. For me it has the perfect trade off between being sturdy and bouncy, and feeling like it can take the wear and tear of a sock, but still feeling very soft. Of course it remains to be seen how the yarn will last in the future of course. And again, I couldn’t be more pleased with the vibrant specks of colour. I do fear that variegated yarns become to busy for my taste, but in this case it adds something interesting without looking like clown vomit (maybe just a little). I’ve definitely added this yarn to my christmas wishlist!

SpringPrairie4 SpringPrairie7

And I can recommend the pattern for any sort of variegated yarn. I didn’t make any interesting mods, just some tiny things you can find on my project page. I didn’t really get bored during the knitting, there’s just enough going on to keep it interesting. The only thing that I didn’t particularly like was that the sock was instructed to be knit on 3 needles, which I assumed would have some sort of reason. I’m still not quite sure if it had a purpose or was just a personal preference of the designer, but I’m a 4 DPNs kind of girl.

SpringPraire8 SpringPrairie11

Although in some ways I did appreciate the monogamous knitting, I think I used up all of my self restraint for the rest of the year. So I’ll probably be casting on all the things this weekend.

15 thoughts on “FO: Prairie Spring socks

  1. what a GREAT pair of socks….and i think this pattern would work quite well with the pesky hand dyed sock yarns that tend to pool a lot! off to fav it!!

  2. These socks are so fabulous. I love them with the speckled yarn. I think this pattern may be the next pair I knit. I am so in love with it. And I can’t wait to see all the lovely projects you tackle next!

  3. Gorgeous! You chose the perfect sock pattern to show off those cool specks of colour. Have to admit that I couldn’t resist buying a skein of this yarn in the same colours after reading your previous post. Enabler! But mine will probably become a cowl since it takes me three years to knit socks.

  4. these socks are absolutely gorgeous! well done! oh the days of knitting one project seem so far away right now, trying to make half a dozen Christmas presents at once (slowly getting there) those socks truly are beautiful, I’m not a big sock knitter but seeing the ones that you FO do inspire me to reconsider 🙂 jenny xx

  5. Gorgeous socks!
    And I LOVE your blog! (Have a lot to catch up, but in can already tell you that I enjoyed your faux fur pompom post a lot!) 🙂

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